Society has flipped upside-down by Mike Adams


I remember a time when journalism meant asking questions instead of following orders.

I remember a time when whistleblowers who exposed corruption were celebrated rather than arrested.

I remember a time when police assisted people in wheelchairs instead of tasing them.

I remember a time when non-profits that taught the Constitution were celebrated by the community rather than investigated by the IRS.

I remember a time when someone having “friends” meant real people in the real world, not virtual people on Facebook.

I remember a time when food was grown by farmers using seeds, not “mass produced” by “agri-giants” using GMOs.

I remember a time when heroes were men who charged enemy machine gun nests on remote Pacific islands and took out enemy soldiers with bayonets. Now “heroes” are just overpaid professional sports players who announce they’re gay.

I remember a time when the water that came out of your tap wasn’t poisoned with fluoride, laced with pharmaceuticals or contaminated with explosive gasses from fracking.

I remember a time when the word “terrorist” meant someone who hated America, not someone who loves the Constitution.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I remember a time when most people actually believed in individual liberty and responsibility, not collectivist government “taking care of them.”

Society has flipped and is upside down. Maybe it’s time we flipped it right side up!



Florida will exhume remains of 100 children who died at Dozier School for Boys by David Knowles


The children in unmarked graves at a notorious Florida reform school will finally be allowed to tell their stories.

After years of pressure from families, Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet voted to allow researchers to exhume the human remains of dozens of children who died while attending the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys.

Researchers from the University of South Florida have identified more than 100 unmarked grave sites on the property of the state-owned school, which was closed in 2011 after decades of allegations that it routinely tortured boys who were sent there, WFLA News reported.

“A lot of us are seeking closure,” John Bonner, a Dozier resident from 1967 to 1969, told the Tampa Tribune. “A lot of people were abused there. A lot of people’s rights were trampled on. I was strapped with the belt so many times, one time just for looking at a supervisor the wrong way.”

Until Tuesday’s vote, Florida had blocked University of South Florida anthropologist Dr. Erin Kimmerle from exhuming the graves at the school.

In March, State Attorney General Pam Bondi had filed a petition to try to convince Scott to allow the researchers to begin identifying the bodies using DNA testing.

“The deaths that occurred at Dozier School for Boys in Marianna are cloaked in mystery, and the surviving family members deserve a thorough examination of the site,” Bondi told WFLA.

Many boys who attended Dozier, which was approximately 60 miles west of Tallahassee, simply disappeared, leaving their families without answers about how, or whether, they were killed.

“This decision puts us a step closer to finishing the investigation,” U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) said in response to Tuesday’s action by the governor and the cabinet. “Nothing can bring these boys back, but I’m hopeful that their families will now get the closure they deserve.”

So far, USF researchers have been able to confirm the deaths of 96 children who were sent to the Dozier School between 1914 and 1973.


Most expensive prison ever: Gitmo costs $2.7 million annually per inmate

President Barack Obama continues to call for closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison, but it’s not just supposed human rights violating inching him along. Keeping the detention center open will cost the government $5.2 billion by the end of next year.

More than 160 men remain detained at Gitmo, many serving indefinite stints without ever being brought to trial. Keeping that prison open comes at a cost that exceeds just human rights concerns, though, according to a report presented to Congress last week by the Department of Defense’s Office of the Comptroller.

The analysis, first provided to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and made public last week, concluded that the cost of keeping the Pentagon open will amount to $5.242 billion by the end of 2014.

Speaking on Capitol Hill last week, Sen. Dick Durbin said the cost of keeping Gitmo open for just 2013 will top $454 million, amounting to roughly $2.7 million for each one of the detainees held on the United States military base on the Cuban coast.

By comparison, Durbin said housing any of those detainees at a federal, high-security prison outside of the base would run no more than $72,000 a year.

Our national security and military leaders have concluded that the risk of keeping Guantanamo open far outweighs the risk of closing it because the facility continues to harm our alliances and serve as a recruitment tool for terrorist,” the senator said.

According to the Pentagon report, the $454 million price-tag includes $14.1 million to fund prisoner review boards that will assess the cases of 71 detainees at the base, as well as $40 million for a planned fiber-opic cable between the base and mainland America, nearly $60 million for contractors and $116 million to operate the Gitmo military court.

Meanwhile, President Obama says Congress must act appropriately to expedite his plan to pull the plug on the facility.

At the same hearing Sen. Durbin spoke of closing down Guantanamo Bay last week, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, called operating the prison “a massive waste of money.”

Ten years with no hope, no trial [and] no charge,” for those inmates, Sen. Feinstein said.

The chairwoman also slammed the Obama administration for permitting prison officials to force-feed detainees, saying “I believe it violates international norms and medical ethics, and at Guantanamo it happens day after day.”

Now in addition to human rights error and the ongoing urging of President Obama, the escalating cost of keeping dozens of men locked up indefinitely could finally prompt that sort of response, especially during an era of sequestering that has stripped the Pentagon of much of its funding this year already.

So far, though, hardline Republicans have insisted that closing down Gitmo would come at a cost to national security that far exceeds the continuously increasing price-tag.

These detainees are bad, bad people. They hate America. They’ve sworn to kill Americans and in fact they’ve done so on the battlefield. And that’s why when they were captured they were sent to Guantanamo. And that’s where they should stay,” said Rep. Bill Young (R-Florida) at the July 24 hearing on the Hill.


Vicious beyond imagination: US endless wars, debt, lies by Carl Herman


vi·cious [vish-uhs] adjective. 1. addicted to or characterized by vice; grossly immoral; depraved; profligate. 2. given or readily disposed to evil. 3. reprehensible; blameworthy; wrong: a vicious deception. 4. spiteful; malicious: a vicious attack.

1% “leaders” in government, economics, and corporate media saturate the 99% in vicious criminal policies; perhaps 100 of critical importance. These crimes are “emperor has no clothes” obvious upon inspection, and only continue from official propaganda of diminishing credibility.

The 99% can end these Orwellian crimes through command of objective facts and demand for arrests of obvious criminals. The basic facts for justice under law seem easiest in three areas:

  • War Crimes 
  • Fraudulently creating perpetual and increasing debt while calling it “money” 
  • “Covering” these crimes through corporate media lies
  • Unlawful wars: US armed attacks, invasions, and occupations of foreign lands are unlawful Wars of Aggression. Two treaties, the Kellogg-Briand Pact and UN Charter, make armed attacks on another nation unlawful unless in response to armed attack by that nation’s government. It’s icing on the legal cake that all “reasons” given for war to Americans, our military, and the world are now disclosed by our own official documents as known to be false as they were told. Moreover, such US wars have killed 20-30 million since WW2. All of our families sacrificed through two world wars: if there’s one law that Americans should know as least as well as rules of their favorite sport, it’s war law.
  • Fraud is the crime of misrepresentation that causes harm. The US bankster economy uses fraud to transfer trillions annually from We the People to them. This criminal “1%” represent our “debt-supply” as a “money supply,” represent bank debt that they made out of nothing as “loans,” and represent escalating government debts as having no solutions except our austerity rather than presenting obvious solutions in money and through public banking. This fraud costs Americans increasing work for less pay (if they can get work), increasing debt, inflation, deprivation of public services, and a transfer of wealth to a criminal-colluding 1% that hide ~$20 to $30 trillion in protected tax havens. About one million children die from preventable poverty every month from “developed” nations’ reneged promises for annual investment equal to one-half of one percent of this tax-free wealth for about ten years. Ending poverty reduces population growth in all historical cases, and according to the CIA is the best way to end terrorism. For “leaders” to withhold this option is fraud from people with legal fiduciary responsibility for comprehensively accurate information to those they represent.
  • Corporate media lies: You recognize the objective facts prove that these crimes from US Presidents and “leadership” of both parties in Congress are only possible because they’re “covered” by corporate media to lie for the worst crimes imaginable for a nation to commit. They do so relentlessly and increasingly. In case you consider state-level “leadership” of our Left and Right arms of fascism any better, they lie and hoard literal billions and trillions in surplus taxpayer accounts while demanding our austerity. This is what the CAFR scam is about.

From my work with both political parties’ “leaderships” since 1980, I assert that Earth’s inhabitants will never be free in creativity, progress, or love with this enormity of viciousness that only increases. 

Although we say the above points often, I don’t see much else to say beyond helping to make the choice clear between competent American citizenship that recognizes and ends obvious crimes, versus thoughtless obedience to criminal “leadership” that annually kills millions, harms billions, and loots trillions.


Time Cover Depicts Pope Francis as Devil

popeThe cover of Time Magazine’s international edition for July 29 features a photo of the pontiff’s face in profile superimposed above the magazine’s title. The top of his head cuts off part of the “M” in Time, leaving two red spikes poking up from behind Pope Francis’ head.


The U.S. Government Is Monitoring All Phone Calls, All Emails And All Internet Activity by Michael Snyder


Big Brother is watching everything that you do on the Internet and listening to everything that you say on your phone.  Every single day in America, the U.S. government intercepts and stores nearly 2 billion emails, phone calls and other forms of electronic communication.  Former NSA employees have come forward and have described exactly what is taking place, and this surveillance activity has been reported on by prominent news organizations such as the Washington Post, Fox News and CNN, but nobody really seems to get too upset about it.  Either most Americans are not aware of what is really going on or they have just accepted it as part of modern life.  But where will this end?  Do we really want to live in a dystopian “Big Brother society” where the government literally reads every single thing that we write and listens to every single thing that we say?  Is that what the future of America is going to look like?  If so, what do you think our founding fathers would have said about that?

Many Americans may not realize this, but nothing that you do on your cell phone or on the Internet will ever be private again.  According to the Washington Post, the NSA intercepts and stores an astounding amount of information every single day…

Every day, collection systems at the National Security Agency intercept and store 1.7 billion e-mails, phone calls and other types of communications. The NSA sorts a fraction of those into 70 separate databases.

But even the Washington Post may not have been aware of the full scope of the surveillance.  In fact, National Security Agency whistleblower William Binney claims that the NSA has collected “20 trillion transactions” involving U.S. citizens…

In fact, I would suggest that they’ve assembled on the order of 20 trillion transactions about U.S. citizens with other U.S. citizens.

And NSA whistleblowers have also told us that the agency “has the capability to do individualized searches, similar to Google, for particular electronic communications in real time through such criteria as target addresses, locations, countries and phone numbers, as well as watch-listed names, keywords, and phrases in email.”

So the NSA must have tremendous data storage needs.  That must be why they are building such a mammoth data storage center out in Utah.  According to Fox News, it will have the capability of storing 5 zettabytes of data…

The NSA says the Utah Data Center is a facility for the intelligence community that will have a major focus on cyber security. The agency will neither confirm nor deny specifics. Some published reports suggest it could hold 5 zettabytes of data. (Just one zettabyte is the equivalent of about 62 billion stacked iPhones 5?s– that stretches past the moon.

Are you outraged by all of this?

You should be.

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Supreme Court is more “Corporative” than Conservative

We The Corporations

What stands out about the U.S. Supreme Court today isn’t its conservatism as much as its pro-business ideology, says new legal research.

In a paper published by the Minnesota Law Review, three legal experts concluded that the court led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is friendlier towards companies than any court since World War II.

This conclusion was reached after examining 2,000 decisions from 1946 to 2011.

After reviewing the court cases, researchers ranked 35 justices who served on the court during the span in question. The ranking revealed that five of the current court’s members made the top nine most likely to vote in favor of business interests since the mid-1940s. Samuel Alito placed first, Roberts second, Clarence Thomas fifth, Anthony Kennedy sixth and Antonin Scalia ninth. Justice Elena Kagan was not included in the study because she had not yet been involved in a statistically significant number of business-related decisions.

During the eight years of the Roberts court, justices have opened the way for corporations to spend freely on elections, protected businesses from class-action litigation and human rights lawsuits, and steered disputes towards arbitration.

According to Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of the law school at the University of California, Irvine, “The Roberts court is the most pro-business court since the mid-1930s.”


22 Facts That Prove That The Bottom 90 Percent Of America Is Systematically Getting Poorer by Michael (partial)

The mainstream media is not telling you this, but the truth is that most Americans are steadily getting poorer.  The middle class is being absolutely eviscerated, and poverty is soaring to unprecedented heights.  The fact that 90 percent of the population is constantly sliding downhill.

All of this has happened under both Democrats and Republicans.  Meanwhile, wealth and power continue to become even more heavily concentrated in the hands of big government and big corporations.  Our founding fathers warned that we should not allow such large concentrations of wealth and power, because they tend to funnel the rewards of society into the hands of a select few.

The following are 22 facts that prove that the bottom 90 percent of America is systematically getting poorer…

#1 According to the Pew Research Center, the top 7 percent of all U.S. households own 63 percent of all the wealth in the country.

#2 Between 2009 and 2011, the wealth of the bottom 93 percent of all Americans declined by 4 percent, while the wealth of the top 7 percent of all Americans increased by 28 percent.

#3 On average, households in the top 7 percent have 24 times as much wealth as households in the bottom 93 percent.

#4 In the United States today, the wealthiest one percent of all Americans have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

#5 According to the Economic Policy Institute, the wealthiest one percent of all American households have 288 times the amount of wealth that the average middle class American family does on average.

#6 According to Forbes, the 400 wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans combined.

#7 The six heirs of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton have as much wealth as the bottom one-third of all Americans combined.

#8 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the middle class is taking home a smaller share of the overall income pie than has ever been recorded before.

#9 In the United States today, corporate profits as a percentage of GDP are at an all-time high, but wages as a percentage of GDP are at an all-time low.

#10 In 1980, CEOs at S&P 500 companies made 42 times as much as their employees did on average.  Today, CEOs at S&P 500 companies make 354 times as much as their employees do on average.  In fact, there are many CEOs that make more than 1000 times what the average employees in their companies make.

#11 According to a report recently issued by the Pew Research Center, Americans over the age of 65 have 47 times as much wealth as Americans under the age of 35 on average.

#12 U.S. families that have a head of household that is under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent.

#13 Back in 2007, about 28 percent of all working families were considered to be among “the working poor”.  Today, that number is up to 32 percent even though our politicians tell us that the economy is supposedly recovering.

#14 At this point, one out of every four American workers has a job that pays $10 an hour or less.

#15 Today, the United States actually has a higher percentage of workers doing low wage work than any other major industrialized nation does.

#16 The U.S. economy continues to trade good paying jobs for low paying jobs.  60 percent of the jobs lost during the last recession were mid-wage jobs, but 58 percent of the jobs created since then have been low wage jobs.

#17 As I mentioned yesterday, the homeownership rate in America is now at its lowest level in nearly 18 years.

#18 The United States now ranks 93rd in the world in income inequality.

#19 Approximately one out of every five households in the United States is now on food stamps.

#20 The number of Americans on food stamps has grown from 17 million in the year 2000 to more than 47 million today.

#21 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 146 million Americans are either “poor” or “low income”.

#22 At this point, the poorest 50 percent of all Americans collectively own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.

Even if your income just stays the same, you are still getting poorer because inflation is a tax that is constantly chipping away at the value of every single dollar that you own.  The cost of everything that we buy on a regular basis (food, gas, health insurance, etc.) is constantly going up, and if your income is not keeping pace that means that you are getting poorer.

That is just one reason why the Federal Reserve system is so insidious.  They are killing the middle class with inflation.  For much more on the Federal Reserve and why it should be abolished, please see this article: “10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve“.

So if most Americans are getting poorer, then why aren’t our politicians doing something to fix it?

Well, the sad truth of the matter is that the big corporations fund the campaigns of our corrupt politicians.  They know that the candidate that raises the most money almost always wins, and so it provides an incentive for our politicians to be very good to those that have the money.


Jaw-Dropping Crimes of the Big Banks

You Won’t Believe What They’ve Done …



Here are just some of the improprieties by big banks:

Funding the Nazis

Laundering money for terrorists

Financing illegal arms deals, and funding the manufacture of cluster bombs (and see this and this) and other arms which are banned in most of the world

Launching a coup against the President of the United States

Handling money for rogue military operations

Laundering money for drug cartels. See this, this, this and this (indeed, drug dealers kept the banking system afloat during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis)

Engaging in mafia-style big-rigging fraud against local governments. See this, this and this

Shaving money off of virtually every pension transaction they handled over the course of decades, stealing collectively billions of dollars from pensions worldwide. Details here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here

Manipulating gold prices … on a daily basis

Charging “storage fees” to store gold bullion … without even buying or storing any gold . And raiding allocated gold accounts

Committing massive and pervasive fraud both when they initiated mortgage loans and when they foreclosed on them (and see this)

Pledging the same mortgage multiple times to different buyers. See this, this, this, this and this. This would be like selling your car, and collecting money from 10 different buyers for the same car

Cheating homeowners by gaming laws meant to protect people from unfair foreclosure

Committing massive fraud in an $800 trillion dollar market which effects everything from mortgages, student loans, small business loans and city financing

Manipulating the hundred trillion dollar derivatives market

Engaging in insider trading of the most important financial information

Pushing investments which they knew were terrible, and then betting against the same investments to make money for themselves. See this, this, this, this and this

Engaging in unlawful “frontrunning” to manipulate markets. See this, this, this, this, this and this

Engaging in unlawful “Wash Trades” to manipulate asset prices. See this and this

Otherwise manipulating markets. And see this

Participating in various Ponzi schemes. See this

Charging veterans unlawful mortgage fees

Helping the richest to illegally hide assets

Cooking their books (and see this)

Bribing and bullying ratings agencies to inflate ratings on their risky investments

Violently cracking down on peaceful protesters

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Fear of Terror Makes People Stupid


Scientists note that fear of terrorism makes people stupid.

As I’ve repeatedly noted, FBI agents and CIA intelligence officials, constitutional law expert professor Jonathan Turley, Time Magazine, and the Washington Post have all said that U.S. government officials “were trying to create an atmosphere of fear in which the American people would give them more power”.

Indeed, the former Secretary of Homeland Security – Tom Ridge – admits that he was pressured to raise terror alerts to help Bush win reelection.

In the real world, as the National Safety Council notes:

– You are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack

– You are 12,571 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack

– You are 11,000 times more likely to die in an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane

— You are 1048 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack

–You are 404 times more likely to die in a fall than from a terrorist attack

— You are 87 times more likely to drown than die in a terrorist attack

– You are 13 times more likely to die in a railway accident than from a terrorist attack

–You are 12 times more likely to die from accidental suffocation in bed than from a terrorist attack

–You are 9 times more likely to choke to death on your own vomit than die in a terrorist attack

–You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist

–You are 8 times more likely to die from accidental electrocution than from a terrorist attack

– You are 6 times more likely to die from hot weather than from a terrorist attack

(Moreover, the chair of the 9/11 Commission said that the attack was preventable).

Indeed, much of our debt is due to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere.

And yet the top American military and intelligence officials say that debt is the main threat to our national security. See this and this.

So by over-reacting, we are causing real, substantial and lasting damage to our country. (It is admitted by Bush, Cheney and others that the Iraq war was actually about oil, and the Afghanistan war was planned before 9/11, but this essay takes at face value the government’s claims that the wars have been for self-defense.)

Reason noted in 2006:

Already, security measures—pervasive ID checkpoints, metal detectors, and phalanxes of security guards—increasingly clot the pathways of our public lives. It’s easy to overreact when an atrocity takes place—to heed those who promise safety if only we will give the authorities the “tools” they want by surrendering to them some of our liberty. As President Franklin Roosevelt in his first inaugural speech said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself— nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” However, with risks this low there is no reason for us not to continue to live our lives as though terrorism doesn’t matter—because it doesn’t really matter. We ultimately vanquish terrorism when we refuse to be terrorized.

In April, Reason pointed out:

“Many people will focus, much of the time, on the emotionally perceived severity of the outcome, rather than on its likelihood.” They add, “With respect to risks of injury or harm, vivid images and concrete pictures of disaster can ‘crowd out’ the cognitive activity required to conclude and consider the fact that the probability of disaster is really small.” Activating the emotional centers in the amygdala shuts down the operation of the executive functions of the pre-frontal cortex. Taking advantage of this flaw in reasoning, the researchers observe, “In this light, it should not be surprising that our public figures and our cause advocates often describe tragic outcomes. Rarely do we hear them quote probabilities.” In other words, politicians and activists deploy sob stories to scare the public into demanding regulations on activities they dislike.


“If we look across dozens of cases, we can observe a pattern in which salient but extremely low probability risks are sometimes met with excessive responses,”


Satirist H.L. Mencken memorably summarized this democratic dynamic: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

Indeed, politicians have known for thousands of years that playing the fear card gives them more power and makes their subjects more compliant:

“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” – Plato

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” – U.S. President James Madison

“Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death”. – Adolph Hitler

“Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” – Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.

“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened”.
– Josef Stalin

Unfortunately, while politicians regularly terrify people with gruesome reminders of 9/11 and exaggerated stories about future terrorism risk, they ignore the high-probability risks – like the destruction to the economy through unchecked fraud and corruption, nuclear plant and deep sea oil rig operators which cut every corner in the book, and the loss of our liberties and the rule of law.


American Satanism, PART 1 by Seymour Light


Oprah Winfrey Show

A case of Jewish child ritual murder was described on the Oprah Winfrey show, in 1989.  For years the video was banned by the ADL, but it has now resurfaced. (‘Jews Protest Sacrifice Tale on Oprah Show’ as reported in the Chicago Tribune, 5/7/89) A courageous lady called Vicky Polin was interviewed on May Day:

“The guest also said of such practices: ‘there’s other Jewish families across the country. It’s not just my family.’ Winfrey said, ‘This is the first time I have heard of any Jewish people sacrificing babies, but anyway — so you witnessed the sacrifice?’  “The woman responded: ‘Right. When I was very young, I was forced to participate;o in that, and I had to sacrifice an infant.’ The guest was repeatedly identified by Winfrey as being Jewish. At one point, the woman asserted that {Jewish} ritual sacrifices occurred in other Jewish families around the country and that they were known to the Police.”

“Her family, and many other Jewish families throughout the USA, routinely practiced Satanic rituals in which incest, human sacrifice and cannibalism occur. The interview on May 1, 1989 also revealed that these practices were a common occurrence since the 18th century and that they were practiced by certain Jewish cults. The Jewish woman that made these revelations was “incognito” during the interview and was identified only as “Rachel.” Today she has been identified as Vicki Polin and she now runs a center to rehabilitate Jewish children who have been sexually victimized by Jewish Satanists.”

OPRAH: …You come from generations of ritualistic abuse?

POLIN: Yes, my family has an extensive family tree, and they keep track of who’s been involved and who hasn’t been involved, and it’s gone back to like 1700.

OPRAH: And so you were ritually abused.

POLIN: Right. I was born into a family that believes in this.

OPRAH: Does everyone else think it’s a nice Jewish family? From the outside, you appear to be a nice Jewish girl?

POLIN: Definitely.

OPRAH: And you all are worshipping the devil inside the home?

POLIN: Right. There’s other Jewish families across the country. It’s not just my own family.

OPRAH: Really? And so who knows about it? Lots of people now.

POLIN: Well, I talked to a police detective in the Chicago area, and several of my friends know, and I’ve spoke publicly before, and…

OPRAH: So when you were brought up in this kind of evilness, did you just think it was normal?

RACHEL: I blocked out a lot of the memories I had because of my multiple personality disorder, but, yes. I mean, it’s like if you grow up with something, you think it’s normal. I always thought something…

OPRAH: So what kinds of things? You don’t have to give us the gory details, but what kinds of things went on in the family?

POLIN: Well, there would be rituals in which babies would be sacrificed, and you would have to, you know…

Its now up on Youtube. This interview alluded to ‘breeders’ who have the babies somewhat covertly, to provide the sacrifice: no birth certificate and no post-mortem.  And what is the aim of sacrifice?  Answer (note well) ‘The Power.’ Just that – the Power. It is a power – do not ever doubt that. She alluded to a book of Jewish mysticism – I could not catch its title – but someone should ascertain what it is.

Atom Science Satanist

Moving onto a more recent account, the famous US scientist Edward Teller blessed mankind by inventing the hydrogen bomb.  In 2009 Pamela Schuffert blew thewhistle on the Henry Makow website, about a certain practice of his:

Throughout many years of investigating satanism in America today, I was shocked and saddened to uncover the rampant Sabbatean satanism/Illuminism/ throughout the many Jewish communities in America, as I participated in social assistance to Russian Jews (NYC) and performed home care/ child care in their Jewish communities in NYC, Charlotte (NC) and Washington DC and Chicago.

Previous reports I have published across America include articles exposing people like Jewish abortionist Dr Phillip Kittner, satanic high priest in the satanist mecca of Asheville NC, who aborted by day and offered human sacrifice of the innocents by night. Abortionist Hern of Boulder, CO, is also a Sabbatean satanist in that region. He is very open about it. His nurses of his clinic, in the past, actually wore patches on their uniforms with satanic pentagrams displayed to them, as reported to me by Christian pro-lifers frequenting his clinic to protest.

My previous reports exposing Satanism in America today, also exposed Leonard Millman, former CIA drug money launderer in the Silverado Scandal in Denver, CO. I personally interviewed one man who had married into the Millman family, only to come out after discovering Leonard Millman and family was a powerful member of the Jewish Sabbatean Satanist cabal found throughout the US and world-wide.

One of the more detailed and horrifying accounts I encountered, but have never previously published and am doing so for the first time now, is the secret Sabbatean Satanist lifestyle of ‘Dr Strangelove’,” Hungarian Jew and considered the “father of the H-Bomb,” Edward Teller. Teller is now deceased, but many of his victims remain alive, that he used and abused in dark Bohemian Grove satanic rituals, and among fellow Sabbateans across America, and in Hollywood as well.

Continue reading…


European Satanism, PART 2 by Seymour Light


Damascus 1840

What Henry Makow called  ‘the most famous instance of Satanic Jewish human ritual sacrifice’ took place in Damascus:

The salient points about the Damascus Affair are 1. a prominent Italian Capuchin monk, father Tommaso was ritually slaughtered (and his blood drained) by prominent Cabalist Jews. 2. They confessed and led authorities to his identifiable remains and clothing. 3. The Rothschilds sent a delegation of prominent English Jews to Damascus and pressured all concerned to say the confessions were extracted by torture. 4. The Pope, Gregory XVI, had reliable intelligence and refused to knuckle under. Nor did any future Pope. They also had the testimony of a Moldavian priest, a former Jewish rabbi, that described and explained all the rituals, including the use of Christian blood in Passover matzoh.’ (1)

A bestselling book describing this historic event is online, The Matzo of Zion. (2) Matzo is the wafer, allegedly impregnated with the Christian blood, for their Yom Kippur holy day. I challenge anyone to read this book and not believe it was all real. (3) Quoting from it:

5th February, 1840, Jewish Quarter of Damascus, a Jewish testimony

We slew him for his blood, and we put his blood in a glass bottle at Rabbi Moussa Abou Al-Afieh’s house, according to the teachings of our religion. The essence of the matter was to obtain the blood because this is what our religion demands of us. Rabbi Moussa Salaniki delivered the blood to Rabbi Moussa AbouAl-Afieh because it is the traditional religious obligation that the Rabbis keep the blood.

Q: “Why is it so necessary to have the blood? Is it true that they put it in the bread? Do all Jews eat from that?”

A: “It is the established traditional religious custom to put blood in the bread for the religious leadership not for the common people. As to the way the bread is made, Rabbi Jacob Al-Intabi remains at the bakery the night of Yom Kippur. The Believers then come to him with flour for bread. He then mixes the blood into the dough to make bread without their knowledge. Afterwards he returns to them the bread he has made from their flour.”

We slaughtered him, in order to obtain his blood, which was poured into a bottle and given over to the Rabbi Moses Abu-el-Afieh, and specifically for a religious reason, since we were in need of the blood for the fulfillment of a religious duty.”

As far as the blood is concerned, what other purpose could it serve, other than as for the consecration of the Fatir (Festival of the unleavened bread = Jewish Easter).”

The same fate awaited Father Tommaso’s assistant, of ending up as blood in a bottle. By April 1840, of the sixteen Jews that had taken part in the double-murder, four were pardoned and ten were condemned to death. Various other local citizens turned up, to testify as to how their loved ones had mysteriously been disappearing over the years, especially young children, and described their suspicions. A German paper commented: ‘Although every year in Damascus Christian children disappeared suddenly without a trace, although the Jews were always under suspicion for it, no one dared accuse them, indeed, no one dared to pursue the trail of a well-founded suspicion, so great was the influence which their money procured for them with the corruptible Turkish authorities.’ In Damascus the population then awaited the execution of the blood-murderers…. In vain! Instead, the People of the Lie turned up, averring that all this information had been extracted under torture etc – but, this was not so.

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My Governemnt Would NEVER Kill Me!!! REALLY? (partial)

Human Medical Experiment

History of Experimentation on Human Guinea Pigs

1932 to 1972 – In the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study, 200 black men diagnosed with syphilis are never told of their illness, are denied treatment. They are used as human guinea pigs in order to follow the progression and symptoms of the disease. They all subsequently die from syphilis, their families never told that they could have been treated. The study continues for four decades. (MSNBC, Time Magazine, Wikipedia)

1939 – At an orphanage in Iowa, 22 children are the subjects of the so-called “monster” experiment, which attempts to use psychological abuse to induce children who spoke normally to stutter. The experiment is designed by Dr. Wendell Johnson, one of the nation’s most prominent speech pathologists, for the purpose of testing one of his theories on the cause of stuttering. (CBS News, San Jose Mercury News, Wikipedia)

1940 – In Chicago, 400 prisoners are infected with malaria in order to study the effects of new and experimental drugs to combat the disease. Nazi doctors later on trial at Nuremberg cite this American study to defend their own actions during the Holocaust. (Life Magazine, Life 2nd photo, Wikipedia,

1940 to 1979 – The U.K. Ministry of Defence conducts open air tests using disease-producing bacteria and viruses. Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told. (BBC News, Guardian)

1943 – In response to Japan’s full-scale germ warfare program, the U.S. begins research on biological weapons at Fort Detrick, MD. (NPR, Wikipedia)

1944 – The U.S. Navy uses human subjects to test gas masks and protective clothing. Individuals are locked in a gas chamber and exposed to poisonous mustard gas and lewisite. By the time the war is over, more than 60,0000 U.S. servicemen have been used as human subjects in chemical defense research programs. They are told that they should never reveal the nature of the experiments. (Telegraph, Institute of Medicine)

1945 – Project Paperclip is initiated. In this top secret program, the U.S. State Department, Army intelligence, and the CIA recruit Nazi scientists and offer them immunity and secret identities in exchange for work on secret government projects in the United States. (BBC News, New York Times, MSNBC/AP)

1945 – “Program F” is implemented by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. This is the most extensive U.S. study of the health effects of fluoride, which was a critical chemical component in atomic bomb production. The use of fluoride in drinking water, it is found, causes adverse effects to the central nervous system. But much of the information is squelched in the name of “national security” because of fear that lawsuits would undermine full-scale production of atomic bombs. (Project Censored, BBC producer, Fluoride Action Network)

1946 to 1953 – In an experiment sponsored by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and the Quaker Oats corporation at the Walter E. Fernald State School in Massachusetts, 73 mentally disabled children are fed oatmeal containing radioactive calcium and other radioisotopes, in order to track “how nutrients were digested.” The children are not told that they are being fed radioactive chemicals and are instead told by hospital staff and researchers that they are joining a “science club.” (CBS News)

1950 – In an experiment to determine how susceptible an American city would be to biological attack, the U.S. Navy sprays a cloud of bacteria from ships over San Francisco. Monitoring devices are situated throughout the city in order to test the extent of infection. Many residents become ill with pneumonia-like symptoms. At least one man dies. (San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal – full text)

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FBI organizes almost all terror plots in the US


The Federal Bureau of Investigation employs upwards of 15,000 undercover agents today, ten times what they had on the roster back in 1975.

If you think that’s a few spies too many — spies earning as much as $100,000 per assignment — one doesn’t have to go too deep into their track record to see their accomplishments. Those agents are responsible for an overwhelming amount of terrorist stings that have stopped major domestic catastrophes in the vein of 9/11 from happening on American soil.

Another thing those agents are responsible for, however, is plotting those very schemes.

The FBI has in recent years used trained informants not just to snitch on suspected terrorists, but to set them up from the get-go. A recent report put together by Mother Jones and the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California-Berkley analyses some striking statistics about the role of FBI informants in terrorism cases that the Bureau has targeted in the decade since the September 11 attacks.

The report reveals that the FBI regularly infiltrates communities where they suspect terrorist-minded individuals to be engaging with others. Regardless of their intentions, agents are sent in to converse within the community, find suspects that could potentially carry out “lone wolf” attacks and then, more or less, encourage them to do so. By providing weaponry, funds and a plan, FBI-directed agents will encourage otherwise-unwilling participants to plot out terrorist attacks, only to bust them before any events fully materialize.

Additionally, one former high-level FBI officials speaking to Mother Jones says that, for every informant officially employed by the bureau, up to three unofficial agents are working undercover.

The FBI has used those informants to set-up and thus shut-down several of the more high profile would-be attacks in recent years. The report reveals that the Washington DC Metro bombing plot, the New York City subway plot, the attempt to blow up Chicago’s Sears Tower and dozens more were all orchestrated by FBI agents. In fact, reads the report, only three of the more well-known terror plots of the last decade weren’t orchestrated by FBI-involved agents.

The report reveals that in many of the stings, important meetings between informants and the unknowing participants are left purposely unrecorded, as to avoid any entrapment charges that could cause the case to be dismissed. Perhaps the most high-profile of the FBI-proposed plots was the case of the Newburgh 4. Around an hour outside of New York City, an informant infiltrated a Muslim community and engaged four local men to carry out a series of attacks. Those men may have never actually carried out an attack, but once the informant offered them a plot and a pair of missiles, they agreed. Defense attorneys cried “entrapment,” but the men still were sentenced to 25 years apiece.

“The problem with the cases we’re talking about is that defendants would not have done anything if not kicked in the ass by government agents,” Martin Stolar tells Mother Jones. Stolar represented the suspect involved in a New York City bombing plot that was set-up by FBI agents. “They’re creating crimes to solve crimes so they can claim a victory in the war on terror.” For their part, the FBI says this method is a plan for “preemption,” “prevention” and “disruption.”

The report also reveals that, of the 500-plus prosecutions of terrorism-related cases they analyzed, nearly half of them involved the use of informants, many of whom worked for the FBI in exchange for money or to work off criminal charges. Of the 158 prosecutions carried out, 49 defendants participated in plots that agent provocateurs arranged on behalf of the FBI.

Experts note that the chance of winning a terrorism-related trial, entrapment or not, is near impossible. “The plots people are accused of being part of — attacking subway systems or trying to bomb a building — are so frightening that they can overwhelm a jury,” David Cole, a Georgetown University law professor, tells Mother Jones. Since 9/11, almost two-thirds of the cases linked to terrorism have ended with guilty pleas. “They don’t say, ‘I’ve been entrapped,’ or, ‘I was immature,’” a retired FBI official remarks.

All of this and those guilty pleas often stem for just being in the right place at the wrong time. Farhana Khera of the group Muslim Advocate notes that agents go into mosques on “fishing expeditions” just to see where they can get interest in the community. “The FBI is now telling agents they can go into houses of worship without probable cause,” says Khera. “That raises serious constitutional issues.”

From the set-up to the big finish, the whole sting operation is ripe with constitutional issues such as that. A decade since 9/11, however, the FBI is reaching through whatever means it can pull together to keep terrorists — or whom they think could someday become one — from ever hurting America.


George Orwell’s Guide to the News by Adrian Salbuchi


The Western mainstream media falsifies the news resorting to euphemisms, half-truths and lies in the best (worst) style of George Orwell’s novel 1984. We all live in the unreal world of “Newspeak” used by the Global Power Elite to control our minds.

Man gets confused when things that happen around him and to him, or which are done in his name, cannot be properly grasped, understood or made sense of. Normally, such confusion leads to inaction. If you’re lost at night in the middle of a forest but you can still see the stars, then a bit of astronomical knowledge will at least quickly tell you which way is north. But if it’s cloudy or you’re ignorant of the constellations in starry heaven, then you might as well light up a fire and do nothing until dawn…. You’re Lost!

Today, mainstream media coverage uses programmed distortion, confusion, even outright lying when its Money Power masters order it to support the “official story” on any major political, economic or financial process. When looked at closely, however, the “official story” of things can be seen to be inaccurate, misleading, often hardly believable if not downright stupid.

Examples of this: Iraq’s inexistent WMD’s leading to the invasion and destruction of that country; global mega-banker bail-outs with taxpayer money; irrational US diplomatic, military, financial and ideological alignment to Israeli objectives; “we-killed-Osama-Bin-Laden-and-dumped-his-body-into-the-sea”; and the wide array of “whodunits” surrounding 9/11 in New York and Washington, 7/7 in London, the AMIA/Israeli Embassy attacks in Buenos Aires in 1992/1994, and – of course – that all time favorite: who shot JFK…?

These are but a few of the paradigmatic cases that have at least served to trigger millions of people to wake up and think with their own minds instead of the mainstream media’s! But unfortunately the vast majority of such cases are not so clear-cut. The vast majority of Newspeak lies are like knots, difficult to untie as they carry built-in complexity resembling Gordian Knots. And, as with all Gordian Knots, you need to cut right through them, and this requires swift and precise action plus a good measure of intellectual courage.

To give an example of what we say, let’s take a quick look at how a “Newspeak” operation works. It requires sequential planning, it requires time, it requires proper logistics, it requires “credible” spokespeople in public and private sectors, it requires choosing the right words and images at the right time and in the right circumstances.

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by JaneQ

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Now and Then


Sinister Site – The Denver International Airport: We Are Being Warned!

An apocalyptic horse with glowing red eyes welcoming visitors? Check.

Nightmarish murals? Check.

Strange words and symbols embedded in the floor? Check.

Gargoyles sitting in suitcases? Check.

Runways shaped like a Nazi swastika? Check.

OK, this place is evil.

But seriously, there are so many irregularities surrounding the DIA, that a voluminous book could be written on the subject.  The facilities and the art displayed lead many observers to believe that the DIA is much more than an airport: it is literally a New-Age cathedral, full of occult symbolism and references to secret societies. The art at the DIA is NOT an aggregation of odd choices made by people with poor taste, like many people think. It is a cohesive collection of symbolic pieces that reflect the philosophy, the beliefs and the goals of the global elite. The DIA is the largest airport in America and it has cost over 4.8 billion dollars. Everything regarding this airport has been meticulously planned and everything is there for a reason.

The Airport

The airport facilities themselves raised a ton of questions regarding the true purpose of the mega-structure. Numerous “creative” theories are floating around the DIA regarding underground military bases, aliens and/or reptilian creatures. While I’m aware that anything is possible, we will stick to the documented facts.

The airport was built in 1995 on 34,000 acres. Its construction forced the Stapleton International airport to shut down, although it used more gates and runways than the DIA. The initial cost of construction was 1.7 billion $ but the final project elevated the bill to 4.8 billion: 3.1 BILLION $ over budget.  Numerous irregularities have been reported regarding the construction of the site:

  • Different contractors have been hired for different parts of the airport. They’ve all been fired after their job was done. This lead observers to believe that it was a strategy to make sure nobody had the full scope of the project.
  • 110 million cubic yards of earth have been moved, way more than usually required. This arose suspicion of construction taking place underground.
  • 5300 miles of fiber optics were installed for communications (USA coast to coast is 3000 miles in comparison).
  • Fueling system that can pump 1000 gallons of jet fuel per minute. This amount is totally absurd for a commercial airport.
  • Granite imported from all over the world even if the project was already grossly over budget.
  • Construction of a huge tunnel system (trucks can circulate in them) and underground trains. Most of those aren’t used at the moment.

Analysis of the data available makes me reach at least one conclusion: this gigantic structure will eventually become much more than a regular commercial airport. It has the capacity to handle a huge amount of people and vehicles, leading observers to think that the structure might be used as military base and others even add that it will be used as a civilian concentration camp in the near future. I will not advance on this subject because I do not have proof of those claims. I however would understand why such plans would be top secret. Let’s look at the soothing, traveler-friendly art on display at the DIA.

1- Horse of the Apocalypse

So this is what welcomes you when you enter the gates of hell…sorry, I meant the gates of the airport. A 32 foot high fibreglass stallion with veins popping out of its whole body and demonic eyes that glow red. Nice. I heard the children love it. Interesting fact: the horse killed his creator, Luis Jimenez, while he was working on it. A portion of the sculpture came loose and smashed him, causing fatal injuries. His friends now say that the horse is cursed.

What does it represent? The 1st thing that came to mind when I saw this horrendous piece (for an aiport anyways) is: the Pale horse of the Apocalypse. It is the fourth horse in the book of Revelation in the Bible and is appropriately called “Death”.

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse;
and his name that sat on him was
Death, and Hell followed with him. And
power was given unto them over the
fourth part of the earth, to kill with
sword, and with hunger, and with
death, and with the beasts of the earth”.

-Revelation 6:7-8

In other words, the horse “Death” brought killing with weapons, with hunger, and with disease. That’s pretty extreme a family airport, right? Doesn’t seem like that horse should be there. You will soon realize that it fits perfectly with the rest of the DIA. By the way, this is one scary horse anus!

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Factory Farms: Bad for Farm Animals and Human Consumers by Paul Fassa

Those idyllic (extremely happy) farm scenes depicted on most conventional dairy products, meat packaging, and egg cartons are far from the reality of how conventional meat comes to be. Unlike organic livestock conditions, factory farming puts animals in gruesome concentration camp-like conditions to prepare them for horrible deaths. If you don’t think this is true, just simply watch documentaries like Food Inc., Death on a Factory Farm, Fresh, or simply search Google to view videos of animal cruelty on factory farms.

If you don’t think animals are sentient beings that deserve proper treatment, as they produce your eggs and dairy products or groomed to become your servings of meat, then you should be at least interested in how the treatment of factory farm animals affects your health.

Meet Your Meat and Dairy

Cows and cattle raised conventionally are often stuffed into feed lots known as confined animal feed operations, or CAFOs, and are given a diet primarily of genetically modified corn and grains. These animals are grass grazing animals that don’t belong in these conditions; they have masticating teeth for chewing grass or alfalfa and long complex digestive tracts to absorb plant nutrients. And they are accustomed to wandering about in open fields, or at least they used to be.

CAFOs are incredibly crowded with animals that are forced to stand in manure and urine while feeding or being milked. This confinement, along with the type of unnatural feed they’re forced to eat, makes them disease breeders. It is for this reasons that most antibiotics, 70-80%, are used for factory farm animals for both disease prevention and to stimulate unnatural growth. Growth stimulants are prohibited in Europe, but not here.

And those antibiotics can arrive in your meat and dairy, depleting your healthy bacteria and creating more antibiotic resistant pathogens, or super bugs. Mainstream medicine has been concerned about the constantly growing threat of super bugs for decades, and are now even greatly concerned over the use of antibiotics in livestock for that reason.

Growth Hormones

Banned in 27 countries, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) is injected into cows to force more milk production. Biotechnology corporation Monsanto created it by combining cow DNA and E. coli (really). Now Eli Lily owns it. It infects cows’ udders, demanding a plethora of antibiotic injections and causing gross malformations It also leaves small amounts of pus in consumers’ milk.

For some time, farmers who labeled their milk “no rBGH” were threatened financially with “legal actions” by Monsanto. Farmer and media backlash has halted this violation of first amendment rights, and now dairy farmers are not being harassed for promoting their products as hormone free (or at least in the same way).

But rBGH treated milk, which has fallen out of favor with most health-conscious consumers, still comprises an estimated third of the milk in stores, and it is not labeled. Factory farm fowl is treated foully too, and their overcrowded conditions have led to large lots of eggs being recalled with massive breakouts of salmonella.

CAFO feed is usually a combination of corn and soy meal. Almost all corn and soy in the USA is genetically engineered or GMO. In addition to this GMO factor, which gets passed on to consumers, GMO farmers have to use excessive amounts of glyphosate pesticides, which is hazardous.

A New Pathogen Threatens Livestock, The Federal Government Looks Away

The soils of these GMO plants are saturated with glyphosate herbicide Roundup, Monsanto’s special toxic herbicide brew. Over time, the glyphosate mixed with soil and have produced a previously unknown, brand new pathogen. (1)

So those soy and corn products used for bovine feed brews pass on this mysterious pathogen in addition to traces of these extremely toxic glyphosate pesticides.

Purdue Plant Pathology Professor Emeritus Don Huber, a pathologist with years of Army research and university experience, was the recipient of many alarming reports from livestock farmers in the Midwest. More of their animals were sickly, dying younger, and unable to reproduce or producing stillborn calves.

Don Huber investigated and discovered that the new pathogen was the probable source of their issues. So Huber sent a letter to the head of the USDA, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, explaining the situation and requesting a moratorium on Roundup pending further research.

In Europe this is considered acceptable as a precautionary principle, which calls for a moratorium of activity with suspected risks to health or environment until safety can be assured.

His letter was ignored. But soon after, several Midwest universities with agricultural leanings, including Purdue, denounced Don’s findings. All this should have been expected. As governor of Iowa prior to heading the USDA, Vilsack was named Governor of the Year in 2001 by the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

Vilsack’s non-response to Huber, accompanied by a flurry of academic Huber bashing shortly after, show how little our federal food and health agencies care about our health and the future of farming in the USA.

Do Your Part

But we can stay away from all this by simply going organic. If you can purchase raw dairy products, go for it. Make sure your eggs are labeled free range and not just cage free. Cage free can be a con.

Eating organic grass fed meat that’s not injected with antibiotics or hormones is a little pricey, but is worth it if it’s in your budget. Try to buy from local area farms at farmers’ markets. Better yet, go vegetarian or vegan if that works for you.


LIES & Why Smart People Often Can’t See The TRUTH

“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn’t the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn’t flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”——Dresdin James

The bizarre thing about the government’s numerous false flag operations, is the number of people who still believe the ridiculous “official story.” There are people who in spite of looking at airtight evidence like you have seen on this website, still can’t see the truth. Here’s the dynamic that is working.

A good stage hypnotist can take 100 people out to the middle of a redwood forest and convince 90 of them that there are no redwoods to be seen. As the result, 90 people won’t be able to see any redwoods at all. The other 10 who refuse to be hypnotized can still see the trees.

The 90 people who are under mind control will think the 10 people who still see the redwoods are “crazy”, “insane” or “nutjobs” or “conspiracy theorists” not realizing or even being able to realize, it is they, themselves, the 90% people who are the deceived ones……Sound familiar? How can this be?

What is Cognitive Dissonance?

Psychologists use the term Cognitive Dissonance to explain the brain’s inability to consider opposing evidence in a large part of the population. Governments intentionally create this disorder in the population. That’s how they can get away with creating events like 9/11. If the population in general didn’t have Cognitive Dissonance, governments could never stage events like this.

Cognitive Dissonance is a form of government sponsored mind control.

In religion, there’s a term, Esoteric, to explain why certain aspects prove to be mysteriously hidden from human perceptions.

The model often starts with “Unconscious Incompetence”, which means you don’t know you need to know something. People who are in this category, wouldn’t even be on this website trying to figure things out.

Hopefully, the model then moves to “Conscious Incompetence” (you don’t know, but at least you know you should learn). If you’re on this site, you are probably in this category. Only about 10% of the population ever get here.

How the mind works

The mind doesn’t function based on logic. It basically functions on “pattern recognition”. The same “cult mentality” is used by the illuminati in the events of those like 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, federal reserve income taxes, Democrat vs Republican, the Iraq war, Afghanistan war… etc. It brainwashes people with such magnitude, that they can no longer see the truth and the real issues even when it’s right in front of them.

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Truth Is Offensive: How long before being Offensive becomes being “An Enemy of the State”? by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Truth Teller Enemy of the State

In America truth is offensive. If you tell the truth, you are offensive.

I am offensive. Michael Hudson is offensive. Gerald Celente is offensive. Herman Daly is offensive. Nomi Prins is offensive. Pam Martens is offensive. Chris Hedges is offensive. Chris Floyd is offensive. John Pilger is offensive. Noam Chomsky is offensive. Harvey Silverglate is offensive. Naomi Wolf is offensive. Stephen Lendman is offensive. David Ray Griffin is offensive. Ellen Brown is offensive.

Fortunately, many others are offensive. But how long before being offensive becomes being “an enemy of the state”?

Throughout history truth tellers have suffered and court historians have prospered. It is the same today. Gerald Celente illustrates this brilliantly in the next issue of the Trends Journal.

Over the past 35 years I have learned this lesson as a columnist. If you tell readers what is really going on, they want to know why you can’t be positive. Why are you telling us that there are bad happenings that can’t be remedied? Don’t you know that God gave Americans the power to fix all wrongs? What are you? Some kind of idiot, an anti-American, a pinko-liberal-commie? If you hate America so much, why don’t you move to Cuba, Iran or China (or to wherever the current bogyman is located)?

The ancient Greeks understood this well. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was the prophetess who no one believed despite her 100 percent record of being right. Telling the truth to Americans or to Europeans is just as expensive as telling the truth to the Greeks in ancient mythology.

In America and everywhere in the Western world or the entire world, telling the truth is unpopular. Indeed, in the USA telling the truth has been criminalized. Look for example at Bradley Manning, held for two years in prison without bail and without a trial in violation of the US Constitution, tortured for one year of his illegal confinement in violation of US and international law, and now put on trial by corrupt prosecutors for aiding “enemies of the US” by revealing the truth, as required of him by the US military code. US soldiers are required to report war crimes. When Bradley Manning’s superiors showed themselves to be indifferent to war crimes, Manning reported the crimes via WikiLeaks. What else does a soldier with a sense of duty and a moral conscience do when the chain of command is corrupt?

Julian Assange is another example. WikiLeaks has taken up the reporting function that the Western media has abandoned. Remember, the New York Times did publish the Pentagon Papers in 1971, which undermined the lies Washington had told both to the public and to Congress to justify the costly Vietnam War. But today no newspaper or TV channel any longer accepts the responsibility to truthfully inform the public. Julian Assange stepped into the vacuum and was immediately demonized, not merely by Washington but also by left-wing and right-wing media, including Internet. It was a combination of jealousy, ignorance, and doing Washington’s bidding.

Without WikiLeaks and Assange the world would know essentially nothing. Spin from Washington, the presstitute media, and the puppet state medias would prevail. So the word went out to destroy Julian Assange.

It is amazing how many people and Internet sites obeyed Washington’s command. Assange has been so demonized that even though he has been granted political asylum by Ecuador, the British government, obeying its Washington master, refuses to allow him safe passage out of the London Ecuador Embassy. Is Assange destined to live out his life inside the Ecuador Embassy in London?

Will Assange be a replay of Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty who on November 4, 1956, sought asylum in the US embassy in Budapest as Soviet tanks poured into Hungary to put down the anti-communist revolution? Cardinal Mindszenty lived for 15 years in the US embassy. Today it is “freedom and democracy” amerika that is copying Soviet practices during the cold war.

In contrast with “freedom and democracy” US and UK, the “authoritarian,” “communist,” “oppressive” Chinese government when confronted with Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng’s defection to the US embassy in Beijing, let him go.

It is an upside down world when America and the British refuse to obey international law, but the Chinese communists uphold international law.

Insouciant americans are undisturbed that alleged terrorists are tortured, held indefinitely in prison without due process, and executed on the whim of some executive branch official without due process of law.

Most americans go along with unaccountable murder, torture, and detention without evidence, which proclaims their gullibility to the entire world. There has never in history been a population as unaware as americans. The world is amazed that an insouciant people became, if only for a short time, a superpower.

The world needs intelligence and leadership in order to avoid catastrophe, but America can provide neither intelligence nor leadership. America is a lost land where nuclear weapons are in the hands of those who are concerned only with their own power. Washington is the enemy of the entire world and encompasses the largest concentration of evil on the planet.

Where is the good to rise up against the evil?


ALERT! MISSING! Help Us Find Our Beautiful Liberty

by JohnQ

Liberty Kennedy

Liberty Kennedy


Please Download and Distribute this Info Immediately!

Thank you fellow Americans, Loving Protectors of Good & Innocence!

~ If thou are evil, mine every breath does now repel ye ~
~ Be gone wicked spirits, these words of mine do smite thee ~


Who will protect us from our own government? by John Kamanski


It used to be that foreign threats were advertised as the main reason to send our young men off to war to defend our country. Amazing though it seems, we used to believe those stories. Many of our fathers and grandfathers died defending that principle.

Now, all that has changed. The threat is no longer some faraway enemy. The main enemy to peace in the world and security at home has become our own government.

Actions speak louder than words. The words our government speaks do not match the actions it takes.

It purchases uncountable rounds of hollow point ammunition and fancy new tanks for local police departments at the same time it clamors about the need to take all guns away from the American people.

It conducts a program to rain down poison aluminum nanoparticles that sicken and kill both land and people, but refuses to admit such a program exists.

It approves genetically modified food to be consumed by the public, when medical experts not paid to lie know these foods are making people sick.

It allows — in fact, encourages — our police to kill innocent people with no repercussions, and lets guilty criminals slide if the slice they give to the puppeteers who control them is sufficient to make them look the other way.

It stages false flag terror events in order to pass draconian new laws that destroy our Constitutional rights.

Its own intelligence agencies distribute drugs to gangs in order to arrest those who use them to put people in prison to use as a workforce so that they can pay wages to inmates lower than they pay workers in China.

It creates new diseases in government laboratories and secretly dispenses them while also commissioning cures made by pharmaceutical companies that charge a thousand times more than what it costs to make them, and also do not work.

It stages foreign wars that are of zero benefit to the American people and easy money for the foreigners who have taken over the running of the country.

It allows these foreigners to steal billions at a time in order to give bonuses to the people who are doing the stealing.

It blows up skyscrapers in the middle of our biggest city and then blames it on people who have neither the inclination nor the ability to have done it.

It encourages unrestrained immigration with lucrative incentives to foreigners to water down the voting pool, and leaves its own citizens to lose their homes because it has shipped all the good jobs overseas.

It protects food and medicine manufacturers from malpractice lawsuits and demands people buy insurance for healthcare that will deliberately make them sick.

It allows its own officials to break the law and sets up innocent people with false testimony to put them in prison.

It urges us to vote for the candidate of our choice, but restricts those candidates to corrupt yes-men they choose, and won’t tell us about the precise procedures of how they count the votes.

It tells the media exactly what to report, and what they may not report — and the media robots eagerly oblige.

It endorses movies that depict innocent ethnic groups as vicious terrorists and praises its own vicious killers as noble heroes protecting our freedoms.

It sends billions to foreign governments and nothing to America’s decaying cities.

It overturns the rights of voters in all the states by insisting that their votes don’t matter because they violate arbitrary presidential Executive Orders that no American has ever voted on.

It promotes federal employees who lie about what they do and imprisons and tortures whistleblowers for telling the truth about what they do.

It lets a private company — the Federal Reserve — print all the money, because it makes all politicians rich, and all ordinary people poor.

It furloughs those protecting our borders and furnishes guns and ammunition to the foreign criminals delivering drugs and mayhem across those unguarded borders.

It tells you the unemployment rate is going down and the stock market is going up, but nobody has a job and the crap they are forced to eat because they have no money is mostly poisoned.

It says they may kill whomever they want to, but that the people may not fight back.

It promotes those who say they are willing to shoot at their fellow Americans, but denies veterans who have served in the military the right to own guns because they are mentally unstable from serving in wars in which they were ordered to rape children before they murdered them.

It poisons children at birth with vaccinations they don’t need, and steals children from their parents who object to the practice.

It controls the weather with high tech devices and sends storms that destroy neighborhoods, and then prevents help from reaching the displaced victims who are starving and freezing.

It sends people to college who can’t even read, but if they say the right thing enough times, they will soon hold high political office.

It kills the people who made this country what they hoped it would be, and rewards the people who help destroy the country by following the orders they are given.

So who will protect us from own government, as it busily murders the whole world?

Will it be you, or are you one of them?

Those are the only two choices.


More than HALF of U.S. rivers are too polluted to support life as shocking report reveals scale of water contamination


More than half of America’s rivers and streams are now unable to support life after decades of pollution, it was revealed yesterday.

The bulk of the damage has been done by agricultural fertilizers such as phosphorus and nitrogen washing from fields into waterways.

In total, 55 per cent of rivers and streams were classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as being ‘poor’, with only a fifth in good health.

The agency sampled nearly 2,000 locations in 2008 and 2009 – from rivers as large as the Mississippi River to streams small enough for wading.

The study found more than 55 per cent of them in poor condition, 23 per cent in fair shape, and 21 per cent in good biological health.

The most widespread problem is high levels of nutrient pollution, caused by phosphorus and nitrogen washing into rivers and streams from farms, cities, and sewers.

High levels of phosphorus – a common ingredient in detergents and fertilizers – are found in 40 per cent of rivers and streams.

Another major problem is over-development, as land clearing and building along waterways increases erosion and flooding, allowing more pollutants to enter waters.

‘This new science shows that America’s streams and rivers are under significant pressure,’ said Nancy Stoner, from the EPA’s water office.

‘We must continue to invest in protecting and restoring our nation’s streams and rivers as they are vital sources of our drinking water, provide many recreational opportunities, and play a critical role in the economy.’

Conditions are worse in the East, the report found. More than 70 per cent of streams and rivers from the Texas coast to the New Jersey coast are in poor shape.

Streams and rivers are healthiest in sparsely populated Western mountain areas, where only 26 per cent were classified as in poor condition.

The EPA also found some potential risks for human health. In 9 per cent of rivers and streams, bacteria exceeded thresholds thought to endanger health.

The toxic chemical mercury was found in fish along 13,000 miles of streams at levels exceeding health-based standards.

Mercury can enter the environment from coal-burning power plants and from burning hazardous wastes. The Obama administration finalized regulations to control mercury pollution from coal-burning power plants for the first time in late 2011.


Smoky Mountains National Park – A UN “World Heritage” and “Biosphere Reserve”. My research into those meanings and UN – U.S. National Parks

United Nations Parks

I live in East Tennessee.  I recently took a friend of mine who was visiting me up to the Smoky Mountains National Park.

I love going up into the mountains and have gone many times needless to say.  We camp up there often at the Elkmont campgrounds inside the park.  Which as a side note has one of the only two places in the world where the fireflies are synchronized during their peak time,  the first week of June.  The fireflies blink at exactly the same time in the Elkmont campground – Millionaires Row area.

Another side note – The Smoky Mountains are considered one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world.  They are 200 to 300 Million years old.

The Great Smoky Mountains are among the oldest mountains in the world, formed perhaps 200-300 million years ago. They are unique in their northeast to southwest orientation, which allowed species to migrate along their slopes during climatic changes such as the last ice age, 10,000 years ago. In fact, the glaciers of the last ice age affected the Smoky Mountains without invading them. During that time, glaciers scoured much of North America but did not quite reach as far south as the Smokies. Consequently, these mountains became a refuge for many species of plants and animals that were disrupted from their northern homes. The Smokies have been relatively undisturbed by glaciers or ocean inundation for over a million years, allowing species eons to diversify.

We got up to Newfound Gap where the Tennessee and North Carolina State line divides the park, which I have gone to multiple times.  We walked down the viewing walkway away from the main area that people congregate at.  When we got to steps that go back up to the parking spaces, there were two plaques on either side of the steps, attached to the stone walls. somewhat obscured.  I stopped to read them for the first time ever.  I was surprised at what I read and took pictures of the plaques to research the information on the internet and find out what exactly the plaques meanings were.

Here are the pictures I took and what the plaques say:

I thought “What the Hell is a UN World Heritage site?”  The way it read to me is that the Smoky Mountains are not actually a National Park of the United States and thus the People of the United States are not the owners, but is controlled by the United Nations.

Did our U.S. government give up our national park to the UN in 1983?

I am sure the average person who reads the plaques think “Oh, how awesome these mountains are considered ‘World owned mountains and are protected through the UN.’

But for those of us who know about the UN Agenda 21, we know that it means the U.S gives up Sovereignty to the UN to become a “One World Government and control of land and resources.”

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‘Monsanto Protection Act’: 5 Terrifying Things To Know About The HR 933 Provision


The “Monsanto Protection Act” is the name opponents of the Farmer Assurance Provision have given to this terrifying piece of policy, and it’s a fitting moniker given its shocking content.

President Barack Obama signed a spending billHR 933, into law on Tuesday that includes language that has food and consumer advocates and organic farmers up in arms over their contention that the so-called “Monsanto Protection Act” is a giveaway to corporations that was passed under the cover of darkness.

There’s a lot being said about it, but here are five terrifying facts about the Farmer Assurance Provision — Section 735 of the spending bill — to get you acquainted with the reasons behind the ongoing uproar:

1.) The “Monsanto Protection Act” effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of controversial genetically modified (aka GMO) or genetically engineered (GE) seeds, no matter what health issues may arise concerning GMOs in the future. The advent of genetically modified seeds — which has been driven by the massive Monsanto Company — and their exploding use in farms across America came on fast and has proved a huge boon for Monsanto’s profits.

But many anti-GMO folks argue there have not been enough studies into the potential health risks of this new class of crop. Well, now it appears that even if those studies are completed and they end up revealing severe adverse health effects related to the consumption of genetically modified foods, the courts will have no ability to stop the spread of the seeds and the crops they bear.

2.) The provision’s language was apparently written in collusion with Monsanto. Lawmakers and companies working together to craft legislation is by no means a rare occurrence in this day and age. But the fact that Sen. Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, actually worked with Monsanto on a provision that in effect allows them to keep selling seeds, which can then go on to be planted, even if it is found to be harmful to consumers, is stunning. It’s just another example of corporations bending Congress to their will, and it’s one that could have dire risks for public health in America.

3.) Many members of Congress were apparently unaware that the “Monsanto Protection Act” even existed within the bill they were voting on. HR 933 was a spending bill aimed at averting a government shutdown and ensuring that the federal government would continue to be able to pay its bills. But the Center for Food Safety maintains that many Democrats in Congress were not even aware that the provision was in the legislation:

“In this hidden backroom deal, Sen. [Barbara] Mikulski turned her back on consumer, environmental and farmer protection in favor of corporate welfare for biotech companies such as Monsanto,” Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the Center for Food Safety, said in a statement. “This abuse of power is not the kind of leadership the public has come to expect from Sen. Mikulski or the Democrat Majority in the Senate.”

4.) The President did nothing to stop it, either. On Tuesday, Obama signed HR 933 while the rest of the nation was fixated on gay marriage, as the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument concerning California’s Proposition 8. But just because most of the nation and the media were paying attention to gay marriage doesn’t mean that others were not doing their best to express their opposition to the “Monsanto Protection Act.” In fact, more than 250,000 voters signed a petition opposing the provision. And Food Democracy Now protesters even took their fight straight to Obama, protesting in front of the White House against Section 735 of the bill. He signed it anyway.

5.) It sets a terrible precedent. Though it will only remain in effect for six months until the government finds another way to fund its operations, the message it sends is that corporations can get around consumer safety protections if they get Congress on their side. Furthermore, it sets a precedent that suggests that court challenges are a privilege, not a right.

“I think any time you tweak with the ability of the public to seek redress from the courts, you create a huge risk,”

Seattle attorney Bill Marler — who has represented victims of foodborne illness in successful lawsuits against corporations — told the New York Daily News.


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Wild World of Finance in Under 5 Minutes

by John Q


Why Outbank?   Simple, to stop the United Nations from implementing a One World Communist Government with a One World Luciferian Religion and a One World Payment/Identification System using Satellite controlled RFID Implants via a One World Bank, The IMF.  Does all that sound like complete mumbo-jumbo to you?  If so, you’re no different than we were a couple years ago before doing all of the research to figure this out.  Welcome to the Global Elites’ Agenda 21 brought to you by their not so shiny new governing body for the world, the United Nations!

That’s what all the chaos going on around planet earth is about.  This will blow you away when you finally put it all together.  Basically, the insanity of never ending wars, faltering economies, uncanny up tick in bizarre happenings like UFOs, meteors, odd political/papal resignations, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and yes, even global warming are all solely due to the UNs’ quest to undermine America and then dominate our world.   If you have about 20 minutes of free time right now you can easily learn all about the monetary portion of things yourself by reading a CHAPTER (it’s a .pdf doc) from the 1st of 2 highly informative books.  They are absolutely FREE.  Come on back when you’re done doing that or, read on.  Here’s a quick summary on part of what you will (or just did) find out in the book;

The BANKS:  ALL “Big Banks” (Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, CITI, Wells Fargo, ING etc.) and ALL “Central Banks” (the FED, Banks of England, Japan, Australia etc.) and both the “International Banks” (World Bank, and IMF) are owned by a criminal cabal of filth who live by an ancient book of satan worshipping, slavery and blood sacrifices called the “TALMUD”.  They are all multi, multi TRILLIONAIRES that most have never heard a word about because they control EVERYTHING WE HEAR, READ AND SEE IN THEIR MEDIA!

The CORPORATIONS:  The same lucifer lovin’ scum who own the banks now own the vast majority of stock in the worlds top 1,300 corporations.  Satan/lucifer/evil aren’t just silly words.  These people worship the devil, cast spells and conjure demons, literally.  NO JOKE.  This is why they are ALL psychopathic liars, mass/genocidal murderers and pedophilic perverts from hell who don’t give a damn about you and yours.  That’s who owns all the banks and corporations on earth!  And with all that wealth and corporate power just guess who’s controlling;

The GOVERNMENTS:  Yep, those same satanic trillionaires are now in total control of ALL THE LEADERS IN YOUR GOVERNMENT.  (Yes him and her and them etc., ALL of them are UNITED AGAINST US.) There is no democracy, your votes haven’t mattered for decades.  There’s been near zero progress towards goodness on earth for nearly 50 years, not a single thing of importance has gotten markedly better, not pollution, not nukes, not relations between countries, not famine, not disease, NOTHING OF ANY IMPORT.  And maybe you’ve also noticed there is no justice, politicians, bankers and priests never go to jail for anything, not war crimes, grand theft, pedophilia, rape, murder, treason nor anything else.

But how did they do it?  Well, for one thing they created all of the political parties and useless talking points to divide you from your fellow countrymen/women.  While we were dividing they bonded.  While we argued, they advanced.  While we hated, they advanced.  While we did nothing, they advanced.  And do you want to know where the brunt of all of those trillions of dollars of debt nearly every government in the world has borrowed FROM THEM VIA  THEIR CENTRAL BANKS LIKE THE FED went?

Get ready for the biggest TOTAL “NO BRAINER” realization you’ve ever had. . . . .  Let’s ask it again;  where did all of those trillions go?  It had to go somewhere right?  IT WENT STRAIGHT BACK TO THEM VIA INTEREST, BAILOUTS, PROFITS TO THEIR CORPORATIONS AND BY OUTRIGHT THEFT.  That’s where literally HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS OF CURRENCY FROM NEARLY EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH HAS WENT OVER THE LAST 100 YEARS!!!   There’s an “AH-HA” moment worth remembering!  Trillions and trillions, hundreds of trillions printed out of thin air then skimmed from corrupt governments and unsuspecting peoples around the world and funneled right back to them!


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The Everything Else Pages – Preview from Chapter 9: What If?

by John Q

What if?

….tree huggers, gun nuts, hippies, liberals and conservatives from every religion and race found out they were all on the same team?  What if paying interest and taxes were ridiculous notions of the past?  What if one day you never had to think about money again and materialistic compensation was the last thing on your mind and all you really wanted to be proud of and known for was your contribution/s to society?  What if we were rewarded for being frugal?  What if every war going on around the world were to cease, forever?  What if everyone of able body or mind continually had a choice between working or not and were remunerated accordingly?  What if when people get sick or die there’s zero doubt it was of natural causes instead of being insidiously poisoned by maniacal nutcases?  What if your voice mattered in consideration of all new laws?  What if there was very little use for militaries or police to protect us?  What if there was no such thing as terrorism?   What if the news was full of good news because newscasters were free to cover it and that left you feeling inspired instead of downtrodden?  What if we mostly policed ourselves and created reward systems for positive characteristics like honesty, being decent and having compassion?  What if you could easily, freely and instantly vote to have a say on all the matters important to you?  What if no new laws could be written without your input?  What if we could manufacture and use new types of motors that create energy without pollution?  What if hate, violence and abuse were to diminish to nearly un-recordable levels?  What if there were no more secrets of any kind being kept from you?  What if you could do whatever the hell you wanted during your life so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else?  What if there was just one government for the entire planet and everyone had equal say in its’ power and what we do as a race?  What if your possessions could never be taken from you unless you did something that was actually bad enough to warrant it?  What if a missing child was an extremely rare and explainable event?  What if medicines and vaccines didn’t make you sicker or kill you?  What if we only needed minimal amounts of coal, oil or natural gas and zero nuclear power?  What if nukes were a thing of the past?  What if leaders were accountable for their actions?  What if your ID was of your choosing and forever unique across the globe?  What if you never got another account number or other identifier assigned to you for you to manage from anyone ever again?  What if no one was getting ready to put a chip in your forehead to make you a more malleable and obedient slave?  What if your government didn’t think of and use you like a lab rat?  What if your government wasn’t planning on enslaving or killing you?  What if you could do absolutely everything you needed to do for your entire life with just one user name and one password that was totally secure, unique and under your sole control?  What if you had total oversight for use of your personal information in all regards?  What if there was a much better option than Facebook?  What if free speech was real again?  What if privacy actually mattered?  What if there was no such thing as identity theft?  What if no one were more important than the rest of us unless we decided they were?  What if murder rates dropped through the floor?  What if our air, water, soil and food wasn’t tainted with poisons?  What if we could take trips to other planets just for fun?  What if there were no diseases?  What if mankind respected earth and all of its’ resources?  What if animals were treated with simple humaneness and even reverence for the grandeur of their diversity, contributions and spirit?  What if you didn’t have to sell your soul to be a successful musician, artist, writer or actor?  What if we could live longer, way longer?  What if the environment were healthy again?  What if global warming ended and everything went back to normal?  What if all the fish in the seas and animals around the world were going to thrive instead of go extinct?  What if the only advertisements you came across were those sought and of your choosing?  What if there were no such things as telemarketing, spam or junk mail?  What if retirement consisted of the dutifully and rewardingly passing on your wisdom, traditions and experiences?  What if government were made up of men and women of honor and conscious again?  What if every corporation on earth were owned and controlled collectively by all people democratically?  What if banks ceased to exist?  What if there was no such thing as taxation of any kind?  What if everyone who participated in society were rewarded equally and got bonuses for providing exceptional works beneficial to everyone or for making extra contributions to the whole of us?  What if you could trust everything you hear in the news and media?  What if your rights actually meant something?  What if the whole of human knowledge were available to everyone and you could learn about anything you wanted, for free?  What if there was no venue or supportive system for greed?  What if basic schooling consisted of things you really needed to know?  What if everything our governments did made sense again?  What if you belonged to a network of people that valued democracy, privacy, freedom and individuality above and beyond profits and control?  What if you had plenty of freedom and free time to truly enjoy your life and the precious time on earth you’ve been given?  What if everyone had an equal stake in our future?  What if we alone could decide what our governments do and how many natural resources were used?  What if our leaders were nothing more than signatory representatives of our wants, needs and desires?  What if conspirators bribing or killing them couldn’t make any difference?  What if they could be kicked out of office at any time via our popular will?  What if we could look to the future with hope and anticipation instead of confusion and dread?  What if we knew, completely and absolutely the truth about EVERYTHING knowable?  What if everyone you were to meet had shoes on their feet and somethin’ to eat, wouldn’t that be neat?  And what if everyone had shelter?  (Thank You Wavy Gravy)  What if you could be extremely proud of being part to the human race?  What if it were all up to you right now?  What if you had a choice to either act at this very moment by sharing this with everyone you know or to go forward knowing dregs are attempting to see that you, your friends and loved ones all die cowardly, needless and grizzly deaths?  What if attaining the very great assets of peace, love, freedom and happiness requires a small effort on our parts?  What if freedom still wasn’t free?  What if like all things, we had to effort to succeed?  And what if in this case the effort was so infinitesimally small and trivial, and the payoff so gargantuanly huge and meaningful, both could be considered immeasurable?  And what would you think of those who didn’t do so much as pass this along and support our efforts to right the world?  Please Join Us Today!

Download a free copy of The Everything Pages


And Now a Few Words From Our Forefathers…

Remember the Past

If you go into a bar and get your ass whipped, maybe the people in the bar were wrong;but if you go into 10 bars in one night and get beat down in every single one of them, chances are that it isn’t them, it’s you.

If the Jews had only been expelled from one country, they could possibly get away with convincing the world that they had been terribly wronged. Unfortunately for them, the fact is that Jews have been thrown out of nearly every civilized nation on the planet (and a few un-civilised ones).

There was a time in this world when our own people could speak the truth about the Jews–or anything else for that matter– without fear of retaliation. Those days are gone but their words, and the truth behind them, remain.

In Their Own Words…

SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS,13th c. scholastic philosopher. In his On the Governance of the Jews, he wrote:

The Jews should not be allowed to keep what they have obtained from others by usury; it were best that they were compelled to work so that they could earn their living instead of doing nothing but becoming more avaricious.

FRANZ LISZT, famed composer quoted in Col. E. N. Sanctuary’s Are These Things So?, page 278:

The day will come when all nations amidst which the Jews are dwelling will have to raise the question of their wholesale expulsion, a question which will be one of life or death, good health or chronic disease, peaceful existence or perpetual social fever.

MARTIN LUTHER,16th c. German religious reformer.

They are the real liars and bloodhounds, who have not only perverted and falsified the entire Scriptures from beginning to end and without ceasing with their interpretations. And all of the anxious sighing, longing and hoping of their hearts is directed to the time when some day they would like to deal with us heathen as they dealt with the heathen in Persia at the time of Esther… On how they love that book Esther, which so nicely agrees with their blood- thirsty, revengeful and murderous desire and hope!

The sun never did shine on a more bloodthirsty and revengeful people as they, who imagine to be the people of God, and who desire to and think they must murder and crush the heathen. And the foremost undertaking which they expect of their Messiah is that he should slay and murder the whole world with the sword. As they at first demonstrated against us Christians and would like to do now, if they only could; have also tried it often and have been repeatedly struck on their snouts…

Their breath stinks for the gold and silver of the heathen; since no people under the sun always have been, still are, and always will remain more avaricious than they, as can be noticed in their cursed usury. They also find comfort with this: ‘When Messiah comes, He shall take all the gold and silver in the world and distribute it among the Jews.'(2) Thus, wherever they can direct Scripture to their insatiable avarice, they wickedly do so.

Therefore know, my dear Christians, that next to the Devil, you have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement an enemy than a real Jew who earnestly desires to be a Jew. There may be some among them who believe what the cow or the goose believes. But all of them are surrounded with their blood and circumcision. In history, therefore, they are often accused of poisoning wells, stealing children and mutilating them; as in Trent, Weiszensee and the like. Of course they deny this. Be it so or not, however, I know full well that the ready will is not lacking with them if they could only transform it into deeds, in secret or openly. A person who does not know the Devil, might wonder why they are so at enmity with the Christians above all others; for which they have no reason, since we only do good to them. They live among us in our homes, under our protection, use land and highways, market and streets. Princes and govern ment sit by, snore and have their maws open, let the Jews take from their purse and chest, steal and rob whatever they will. That is, they permit themselves and their subjects to be abused and sucked dry and reduced to beggars with their own money, through the usury of the Jews. For the Jews, as foreigners, certainly should have nothing from us; and what they have certainly must be ours. They do not work, do not earn anything from us, neither do we donate or give it to them. Yet they have our money and goods and are lords in our land where they are supposed to be in exile!

If a thief steals ten gulden he must hang; if he robs people on the highway, his head is gone. But a Jew, when he steals ten tons of gold through his usury is dearer than God himself!

Do not their Talmud and rabbis write that it is no sin to kill if a Jew kills a heathen, but it is a sin if he kills a brother in Israel? It is no sin if he does not keep his oath to a heathen. Therefore, to steal and rob (as they do with their moneylending) from a heathen, is a divine service. And they are the masters of the world and we are their servants-yea, their cattle!

I maintain that in three fables of Aesop there is more wisdom to be found than in all the books of the Talmudists and rabbis and more than ever could come into the hearts of the Jews…

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Drone List Released By FAA Shows Which Police Departments Want To Fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Drones Everywhere

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, may be coming to a police department near you.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released an updated drone authorization list as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit organization for digital civil liberties.

The new list reveals 81 entities that have applied for permission to fly drones in U.S. airspace, including a number of government agencies and universities. Seventeen police departments and sheriff’s offices across the country have also filed, among them are stations in Little Rock, Ark., Gadsden, Ala., Miami, Fla., Ogden, Utah, and Seattle, Wash.

Universities that can be found on the list include California State University, Cornell University, Kansas State University and Penn State University, among others. In addition, the Indian Tribal office in California, has made a request to be allowed to fly UAVs.

Click here to see the complete drone authorization list.

In April 2012, the FAA released a shorter list of entities that had applied for permission to fly drones in the U.S. Although some of those requests were listed as disapproved or expired, the new list does not include either distinction.

An additional 20 U.S. entities that have requested drone authorization have been added to the previous list. Newly listed applicants filed their requests between July 2011 and October 2012, Lynch said, adding that the FAA did not provide the statuses of the requests on the latest document, even though EFF had requested that information.

While universities are likely to fly drones for academic and research purposes, some police departments have said they want to use drones for law enforcement, including for surveillance and crowd control. A sheriff’s office in Texas even went so far as to say it might be a good idea to equip its $300,000 Shadowhawk drone with Tasers, tear gas and rubber bullets, The Daily reported in March.

A bill in Florida aims to ban police use of drones throughout the state, with a few exceptions for cases of terrorism, imminent danger or for search warrants, local media outlet WKMG in Orlando, Fla., reported Wednesday. And on Tuesday, a bill that seeks to ban state and local agencies from using drones passed the Virginia General Assembly, Politico reports. However, some have noted that bills like Virginia’s are little more than symbolic gestures, since ultimately it’s FAA that controls the airspace over the United States.

The new drone authorization list comes in the wake of a 16-page Department of Justice memo obtained by NBC News that revealed senior U.S. government officials (not just President Obama) have the authority to kill American citizens suspected of having high-level position within Al Qaeda or an “associated force,” even without “clear evidence” that they’re planning an attack “in the immediate future.”


So Why Are We Still Drinking Fluoride, Again? by Anthony Gucciardi

Why Floride

We know that over 20 studies, many of which come from prestigious organizations like Harvard and are published in federal government journals, have told us how sodium fluoride is crushing our IQ. We know that a major head at the National Cancer Institute revealed decades ago that fluoride was causing ‘cancer waves’ in the United States.

So, remind me again, why are we still drinking fluoride in our ‘clean’ tap water around the entire world?

As it turns out, it’s because Harvard and federal government journalists must all be wackjob conspiracy theorists! The peer-reviewed research warning that fluoride can cause permanent damage to unborn babies by affecting their neurological development is all a big conspiracy theory to the mainstream media. The sodium fluoride that is literally assaulting the brain in mega-high doses of 5,000 PPM in ‘prescription fluoride’ toothpaste being dished out by dentists who say their childhood patients are ‘deficient’ in the IQ-destroyer is perfectly safe in their eyes.

When analyzing the Harvard research, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, a component of the  United States National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, we find quite a few concerning details. The study makes it explicitly clear how damaging sodium fluoride can be, with writers explaining:

“The children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ than those who lived in low fluoride areas.”

The EPA had similar statements, demonstrating how  fluoride displays ”evidence of developmental neurotoxicity” and can damage unborn babies. We read:

”Fluoride readily crosses the placenta. Fluoride exposure to the developing brain, which is much more susceptible to injury caused by toxicants than is the mature brain, may possibly lead to damage of a permanent nature.

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The Most Shocking 2 Pages of Text Ever Written!



“The Everything Page”Warning: although short, this read takes constitution, wisdom and wits, get ready to use all you’ve got of each while learning the most important secrets of your life, hidden from you since birth.  This work is the product of 4 years of research into over 600 documentaries, 1800 books and countless other well documented, historical sources.  There is no jumping to conclusions or irresponsible claims. Take note of those who don’t spend the time or care enough to help you in this cause to save our republic, this is the fight of our lives and there are NO FREE RIDES. 

Hello fellow patriot, this is a game of tag & YOU’RE IT!  Thank you for standing tall!  Your countrymen and loved ones are reliant on you to protect our republic from a “Communist New World Order”  (Those aren’t just silly words)   Upon finishing, hand this to the next person.  Think of it as a hot potato!  Firstly;  what did J. Edgar Hoover mean by; “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous they cannot believe it exists”.  What concerted lie could be so big we can’t believe it exists?  Well, this author has just released 2 ground breaking FREE books on the subject totaling over 500 pages and J. Edgar Hoover wasn’t kidding.  But 500 pages is a lot, and handing out 300 million books is ludicrous, hence what you have in front of you now; the “Everything PAGE” a wildly condensed summary of the worlds’ most eye opening FREE books, “The Everything Pages”.  All parts herein are FACTUAL; it’s all the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  Trust a fellow American during this short read for I AM YOUR BROTHER AND WILL NOT FAIL YOU!  If anything sounds hard to believe, REFER TO HOOVERS’ QUOTE and use the electronic .PDF version with hyperlinked sources to do your own fact checking.  It is YOUR DUTY & RESPONSIBILITY to be knowledgeable and to keep our republic free.  There is no excuse for anyone to not seek the TRUTH!  Are you ready to learn some of the largest, most important secrets of your existence?  OK, enjoy some unforgettable moments of REVELATION, the truth shall make you free.

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The Power of Truth

truth can
be used as
a foundation for
a mountain of lies
and if we dig down deep
enough in the mountain of lies,
and bring out that truth, to set it
on top of the mountain of lies; the entire
mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of
that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to
a structure of lies then the revelation of truth upon which
the structure of lies was built, because the shock wave of
the revelation of the truth reverberate; and continue to
reverberate throughout the earth for generations to
follow, awakening even those
people who had no
desire to be
to the

-Delamer Duverus


25 Goals of the Global Elite: Do you recognize their NWO script?

Here is also a list of the 25 Illuminati principles/goals that Adam Weishaupt set up after the Rothschilds started financing the Illuminati.

This is pretty much a step by step manual on how the Illuminati conspiracy works.  It basically explains all the long term plans they had back at the Illuminati’s founding in 1776.

illuminatigoalsThe 25 Illuminati goals:

1. All men are more easily inclined towards evil than good.

2. Preach Liberalism

3. Use the idea of freedom to bring about class wars

4. Any and all means should be used to reach the Illuminati Goals as they are justified.

5. The right to lie in force.

6. The power of our resources must remain invisible until the very moment it has gained the strength that no cunning or force can undermine it.

7. Avocation of mob psychology to control the masses.

8. Use alcohol, drugs, corruption and all forms of vice to systematically corrupt the youth of the nation.

9. Seize property by any means.

10. Use of slogans such as equity, liberty, fraternity delivered into the mouths of the masses in psychological warfare.

11. War should be directed so that the nations on both sides are placed further in debt and peace conferences conducted so that neither combatant obtains territory rights.

12. Members must use their wealth to have candidates chosen and placed in public office who will be obedient to their demands and will be used as pawns in the game by those behind the scenes. Their advisors will have been reared and trained from childhood to rule the affairs of the world.

13. Control the press.

14. Agents will come forward after fermenting traumatic situations and appear to be the saviors of the masses.

15. Create industrial depression and financial panic, unemployment, hunger, shortage of food and use this to control the masses or mob and then use the mob to wipe out all those who stand in the way.

16. Infiltrate into the secret Freemasons to use them for Illuminati purposes.

17. Expound the value of systematic deception, use high sounding slogans and phrases and advocate lavish promises to the masses even though they cannot be kept.

18. Detail plans for resolutions, discuss the art of street fighting which is necessary to bring the population into speedy subjection.

19. Use agents as advisors behind the scenes after wars and use secret diplomacy to gain control.

20. Establish huge monopolies that lean toward world government control.

21. Use high taxes and unfair competition to bring about economic ruin by control of raw materials. Organize agitation among the workers and subsidize their competitors.

22. Build up armaments with Police forces and Soldiers sufficient to protect our needs.

23. Members and leaders of the one world government would be appointed by the directors.

24. Infiltrate into all classes and levels of society and government for the purpose of fooling, bemusing and corrupting the youthful members of society by teaching them theories and principles that we know to be false.

25. National and International laws should be used to destroy civilization and enslave and control the people.


They Want Us DEAD! Eugenics Outlined

Eugenics Tree

While we are all focusing on the coming financial collapse, as bad as that is something much more sinister is in the works.  It’s very subtle if you are not paying attention.  But, to the aware, it’s blatant, insidious, and just as horrific as Hitler’s Germany.

There is a small group of the world’s banking elite who have worked for a few hundred years with ingenious precision and unlimited money, to corral, coerce, and conquer every country of value on earth.  For people who are normal and not rabidly greedy, it’s hard to fathom the idea of anyone trying to get control of the whole world, and taking a chunk of every measure of value traded between its people.  What’s even harder to grasp is that they will stop at nothing to do it.  And I mean nothing!  Look around you!  Look at the millions of people slaughtered in just the last 10 years.  Their leaders may have resisted the Cabal, but many if not all of those dead people were innocents.  We have actually become numb to the idea of genocide, even when it’s right under our nose!!!  And we are sadly mistaken if we think we are somehow immune to the wrath of the most evil people on earth.  They want us dead!

They would love nothing better than to use our own military against us by goading us into revolting.  They have really upped the ante lately too.  Swat teaming everyday Americans on a regular basis and making sure it’s in the news, and in our face.  If we finally snap, then they will have their pretext to kill us off en mass.  They love the cover of war for murdering millions. Don’t you think that our trick CIA could have found and destroyed Hussain or Gaddafi without dropping a single bomb?  Smedley Butler was right, war is a racket.  But I get the distinct feeling that it’s just not quite as much fun for this group of psychopaths if there’s not total Mad Max destruction.

If after pondering and researching these facts and events, you come to any other conclusion; you are in need of a serious wake up call.  The Powers That Be (TPTB) have even carved in stone their desire to eliminate 90% plus of the population of the world.  They need a much smaller herd if they are going to be able to steer and control everyone for a One World Government, under their control.  A theme emerges when you look at the big picture. They find the things that we all need to survive or use, then put their agenda in motion.

If you still want to believe your government loves you, let me count for you the ways they don’t.

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Giant Food Corporations Work Hand-In-Glove With Corrupt Government Agencies To Dish Up Cheap, Unhealthy Food

Your Poisened Food

Big Food Is Making Us Sick

The Independent reports that food companies are becoming insanely concentrated:

Increasingly, a handful of multinationals are tightening their grip on the commodity markets, with potentially dramatic effects for consumers and food producers alike.


Three companies now account for more than 40 per cent of global coffee sales, eight companies control the supply of cocoa and chocolate, seven control 85 per cent of tea production, five account for 75 per cent of the world banana trade, and the largest six sugar traders account for about two-thirds of world trade, according to the new publication from the Fairtrade Foundation.


This is the year “to put the politics of food on the public agenda and find better solutions to the insanity of our broken food system”.

More people may be shopping ethically – sales of Fairtrade cocoa grew by more than 20 per cent last year to £153m – but, according to the report, the world’s food system is “dangerously out of control”.

How is that effecting the safety of our food supply? Reuters notes:

Multinational food, drink and alcohol companies are using strategies similar to those employed by the tobacco industry to undermine public health policies, health experts said on Tuesday.

In an international analysis of involvement by so-called “unhealthy commodity” companies in health policy-making, researchers from Australia, Britain, Brazil and elsewhere said … that through the aggressive marketing of ultra-processed food and drink, multinational companies were now major drivers of the world’s growing epidemic of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Writing in The Lancet medical journal, the researchers cited industry documents they said revealed how companies seek to shape health legislation and avoid regulation.

This is done by “building financial and institutional relations” with health professionals, non-governmental organizations and health agencies, distorting research findings, and lobbying politicians to oppose health reforms, they said.

They cited analysis of published research which found systematic bias from industry funding: articles sponsored exclusively by food and drinks companies were between four and eight times more likely to have conclusions that favored the companies than those not sponsored by them.

How are giant food manufacturers trying to influence legislation?

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US Military Aid and the Isreal-Palestine Conflict

The U.S. provides Israel $8.5 million in military aid each day,
while it gives the Palestinians $0 in military aid.

Isreal Aid Graph

“Since the October War in 1973, Washington has provided Israel with a level of support dwarfing the amounts provided to any other state. It has been the largest annual recipient of direct U.S. economic and military assistance since 1976 and the largest total recipient since World War ll. Total direct U.S. aid to Israel amounts to well over $140 billion in 2003 dollars. Israel receives about $3 billion in direct foreign assistance each year, which is roughly one-fifth of America’s entire foreign aid budget. In per capita terms, the United States gives each Israeli a direct subsidy worth about $500 per year. This largesse is especially striking when one realizes that Israel is now a wealthy industrial state with a per capita income roughly equal to South Korea or Spain.”

– John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt
“The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”

* The source for US military aid to Israel during Fiscal Year 2012 is the Congressional Research Service’s “U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel,” written by Jeremy M. Sharp, Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs, updated March 12, 2012. According to this report, the Obama Administration requested $3.1 billion in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) for Israel for the fiscal year 2013.

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What’s really in vaccines? Proof of MSG, Formaldehyde, Aluminum & Mercury by Mike Adams

Poison Vaccines

Have you ever wondered what’s really in vaccines? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s vaccine additives page, all the following ingredients are routinely used as vaccine additives:

Aluminum – A light metal that causes dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. You should never inject yourself with aluminum.

Antibiotics – Chemicals that promote superbugs, which are deadly antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that are killing tens of thousands of Americans every year.

Formaldehyde – A “pickling” chemical used to preserve cadavers. It’s highly toxic to the nervous system, causing blindness, brain damage and seizures. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services openly admits that formaldehyde causes cancer. You can see this yourself on the National Toxicology Program website, featuring its 12th Report on Carcinogens.

There, the formaldehyde Fact Sheet completely neglects to mention formaldehyde in vaccines. This is the “dirty little secret” of government and the vaccine industry. It does state, however, that “…formaldehyde causes myeloid leukemia, and rare cancers including sinonasal and nasopharyngeal cancer.”

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – A neurotoxic chemical called an “excitotoxin.” It causes brain neurons to be overexcited to the point of death. MSG is toxic even when consumed in foods, where it causes migraine headaches and endocrine system damage. You should NEVER inject MSG into your body. But that’s what health workers do when they inject you with vaccines.

Thimerosal – A methyl mercury compound that causes severe, permanent nervous system damage. Mercury is highly toxic to the brain. You should never touch, swallow or inject mercury at any dose. There is no safe dose of mercury! Doctors and vaccine pushers LIE to you and say there is no mercury in vaccines. Even the CDC readily admits vaccine still contain mercury (thimerosal).

In addition, National Toxicology Programs admits in its own documents that:

• Vaccinations “…may produce small but measurable increases in blood levels of mercury.”

• “Thimerosal was found to cross the blood-brain and placenta barriers.”

• The “…hazards of thimerosal include neurotoxicity and nephrotoxicity.” (This means brain and kidney toxicity.)

• “…similar toxicological profiles between ethylmercury and methylmercury raise the possibility that neurotoxicity may also occur at low doses of thimerosal.”

• “… there are no existing guidelines for safe exposure to ethylmercury, the metabolite of thimerosal.”

• “…the assessment determined that the use of thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines might result in the intake of mercury during the first six months of life that exceeded recommended guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…”

• …”In the U.S., thimerosal is still present as preservative in some vaccines given to young children, as well as certain biological products recommended during pregnancy. Thimerosal remains a preservative in some vaccines administered to adolescents and adults. In addition, thimerosal continues to be used internationally as a vaccine preservative.”

The report then goes on to say that the FDA studies thimerosal and somehow found it to be perfectly safe. It also states that vaccine manufactures are “working” to remove thimerosal from vaccines, but in reality it’s still being manufactured right into the vaccines.

By the way, this report also reveals that the FDA requires preservatives like thimerosal only in so-called “multi-dose” vaccines — vials that contain more than one dose of the vaccine. Drug companies could, if they wanted to, produce “clean” single-dose vaccines without any mercury / thimerosal. But they choose not to because it’s more profitable to product mercury-containing multi-dose vaccines. As the report admits, “Preservatives are not required for products formulated in singledose vials. Multidose vials are preferred by some physicians and health clinics because they are often less expensive per vaccine dose and require less storage space.”

So the reason why your child is being injected with vaccine boils down to health care offices making more money and saving shelf space!

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Satanic Nazi Flu Conspiracy by Jim Redden [added note]

chemtrail flu

You’re sick. Your nose is stuffy, your body aches, you’re sweaty, and you don’t have enough energy to get out of bed.

It’s not the flu – it’s a conspiracy.

At least, that’s what Dr. Len Horowitz says.

[For those readers not familiar with Dr. Len Horowitz:  Watch his documentary In Lies We Trust]

Over the past 10 years, Horowitz has become America’s most controversial medical authority. A university-trained medical researcher, Horowitz, 48, charges that elements of the United States government are conspiring with major pharmaceutical companies to make large segments of the population sick. More than that, he charges that these same conspirators created the AIDS epidemic to kill Blacks, Hispanics and gays. And if that’s not enough, Horowitz argues that Adolph Hitler created the New World Order to fulfill his twisted dream of world domination.

Horowitz has made these claims in a series of books, videos, public appearances and radio talk shows. Today, Horowitz is best known as one of the most vocal opponents of government-mandated vaccines. He believes that vaccine manufacturers have purposely contaminated their products with a wide range of exotic viruses, including funguses developed by the United States military. He believes contaminated vaccines were intentionally used to create the AIDS epidemic.

Despite his wild claims, Horowitz has a serious academic background. After he received a doctorate in dentistry from Tufts University, he was awarded a fellowship to do behavioral research at the University of Rochester. Horowitz later earned a Master of Public Health degree in behavioral science from Harvard University and a Masters degree in health education from Beacon College. He has also served on the faculties of Tufts University, Harvard University, and Leslie College’s Institute for the Arts and Human Development. His published research reports have appeared in a diverse array of scientific, professional, and lay periodicals ranging from “American Health” and “Wellness Management” magazines to the “Journal of Patient Education and Counseling,” the “Journal of AIDS Patient Care” and the “British Dental Journal.”

At the same time, Horowitz has turned his back on the medical establishment and embraced alternative, wholistic therapies. He currently serves as president of Tetrahedron, Incorporated, a non-profit organization founded in Massachusetts in 1987. According to the organization’s literature, Tetrahedron’s mission is “to provide people with opportunities to enhance their own abilities to experience health in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. To aid and help people educate others to create harmonious social relationships within safe and supportive environments and thereby help develop a world which functions more for the benefit of all humanity.”

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10 Modern Methods of Mind Control by Nicholas West (emphasis added)

Mind Control

The more one researches mind control, the more one will come to the conclusion that there is a coordinated script that has been in place for a very long time with the goal to turn the human race into non-thinking automatons.  For as long as man has pursued power over the masses, mind control has been orchestrated by those who study human behavior in order to bend large populations to the will of a small “elite” group.
Today, we have entered a perilous phase where mind control has taken on a physical, scientific dimension that threatens to become a permanent state if we do not become aware of the tools at the disposal of the technocratic dictatorship unfolding on a worldwide scale.

Modern mind control is both technological and psychological.  Tests show that simply by exposing the methods of mind control, the effects can be reduced or eliminated, at least for mind control advertising and propaganda.  More difficult to counter are the physical intrusions, which the military-industrial complex continues to develop and improve upon.

1. Education — This is the most obvious, yet still remains the most insidious.  It has always been a would-be dictator’s ultimate fantasy to “educate” naturally impressionable children, thus it has been a central component to Communist and Fascist tyrannies throughout history.  No one has been more instrumental in exposing the agenda of modern education than Charlotte Iserbyt — one can begin research into this area by downloading a free PDF of her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, which lays bare the role of Globalist foundations in shaping a future intended to produce servile drones lorded over by a fully educated, aware elite class.

2. Advertising and Propaganda — Edward Bernays has been cited as the inventor of the consumerist culture that was designed primarily to target people’s self-image (or lack thereof) in order to turn a want into a need.  This was initially envisioned for products such as cigarettes, for example.  However, Bernays also noted in his 1928 book, Propaganda, that “propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.” This can be seen most clearly in the modern police state and the growing citizen snitch culture, wrapped up in the pseudo-patriotic War on Terror.  The increasing consolidation of media has enabled the entire corporate structure to merge with government, which now utilizes the concept of propaganda placement.  Media; print, movies, television, and cable news can now work seamlessly to integrate an overall message which seems to have the ring of truth because it comes from so many sources, simultaneously.  When one becomes attuned to identifying the main “message,” one will see this imprinting everywhere.  And this is not even to mention subliminal messaging.

3. Predictive Programming — Many still deny that predictive programming is real.  I would invite anyone to examine the range of documentation put together by Alan Watt and come to any other conclusion.  Predictive programming has its origins in predominately elitist Hollywood, where the big screen can offer a big vision of where society is headed.  Just look back at the books and movies which you thought were far-fetched, or “science fiction” and take a close look around at society today.  For a detailed breakdown of specific examples, Vigilant Citizen is a great resource that will probably make you look at “entertainment” in a completely different light.

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How Bankers Get Rich From War Profiteering by Thetaoofd

war is money

“It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford.

  • After the Civil War, J.P Morgan became the dominant financial power in America due to his war profiteering. The Rockefellers, Carnegies, Mellons and many more all make fortunes during and after the Civil War.
  • At the start of World War II, I.G. Farben(the dominant corporation in Europe) holds more shares of Standard Oil than any other entity except the Rockefeller family.
  • I.G Farben becomes a major sponsor and chief corporate cheerleader for Adolf Hitler’s conquests.
  • Many Wall Street companies continue to do business with Germany throughout the war, most notably Standard Oil. The Luftwaffe, in fact, is dependent on fuel from Standard Oil.
  • After the war, American forces are headquartered at I.G. Farben’s main office while hundreds of Nazi war criminals, scientists and intelligence operatives are aided in disappearing into North and South America.
  • In 1952, The Reece Committee on Tax-Exempt Foundations is created by Congress to investigate support by major major corporate foundations for communism. Banker Norman Dodd is appointed chief investigator and eventually concludes that the Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie foundations are deliberately weakening individual freedoms in order to allow central government to assume greater power.
  • In June 1963, President John F. Kennedy instructs his Treasury Secretary to issue $4 billion in debt-free silver certificates. JFK plans to end the oil industry’s depletion allowance and “break the CIA into a thousand pieces.” David Rockefeller writes an op-ed in the New York Times blasting JFK’s policies. Kennedy will be dead a few months later.
  • In 1980, Charlotte Iserbyt, senior policy advisor in the Office of Education Research becomes so upset with the corruption of the education system that she publishes The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Iderbyt leaks her father’s Skull and Bones membership directory to economist Anthony Sutton, who has been exposing Wall Street’s connections to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
  • In 1990, Pete Brewton of the Houston Post uncovers evidence linking the CIA and Mafia to the looting of dozens of savings-and-loans over the previous decade. The bailout of the failed savings-and-loan industry eventually coasts US taxpayers more than the Vietnam War.
  • In 1991, after the British media reports that BCCI, is providing arms to Iran and funding terrorists, the bank is forced to close and liquidate. BCCI pays $10 million in fines and forfeits $550 million in American assets. It goes down as the largest forfeiture in history.
  • On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld goes on national television to admit that the Pentagon cannot account for $2.3 trillion…a story that evaporates the following day as essential financial records at the Pentagon are destroyed on 9/11.
  • Between 2003 and 2004, $9 billion goes missing from the Federal Reserve transfers to Iraq.
  • In 2009, Wachovia confesses to laundering $378 billion in drug profits over several years. But it pays only $160 million in fines, which represents less than 2 percent of its annual profits.

– excerpts from “From Banking Laid Bare” by Steven Hager.


Will Americans Soon Not Be Able To Buy, Sell Or Get A Job Without A Global ID Card? by Michael Snyder

Global ID Tracking

A plan being pushed in Congress right now by senators from both major political parties would force all Americans to get a biometric national ID card.  It is being promoted as a key “immigration reform” measure, but the truth is that a national ID card is much more about the government’s endless appetite for more control over the American people.  If this national ID card plan is passed by Congress, you will not be able to get a job without one.  So how are you going to survive if you can’t work?  In addition, this national ID card would undoubtedly soon be used to identify us for all sorts of other purposes.  For example, have you tried to open up a bank account lately?  They make you jump through all sorts of hoops to prove that you are who you say that you are.  So what would happen if the government decided to require you to show your national ID card before opening up a bank account?  If you refused to get a card, how would you be able to function in society without a bank account?  Would you try to conduct all of your transactions in cash only?  That might work for a while.  And of course you would not be able to drive or get on a plane without your national ID card.  So forget about going anywhere.  Are you starting to get the picture?  Unfortunately, the push for a national ID card in the United States is only a small part of the overall push toward a “global ID card” that is happening all over the planet.  The eventual goal is to have a “universal ID” that every man, woman and child on the planet will be forced to take.

That is why it is so important for the American people to speak up about this.

Right now, all of the big mainstream media outlets are lining up on the side of a national ID card.  For instance, just check out this short excerpt from a recent Washington Post article entitled “The case for a national ID card“…

An effective solution would be to issue tamper-proof, biometric ID cards — using fingerprints or a comparably unique identifier — to all citizens and legal residents. Last week, both President Obama and a bipartisan group of eight senators seeking immigration reform urged something along those lines, without calling it a universal national identity card. That’s a major step forward.

And of course the Wall Street Journal is reporting on this too…

Key senators are exploring an immigration bill that would force every U.S. worker—citizen or not—to carry a high-tech identity card that could use fingerprints or other personal markers to prove a person’s legal eligibility to work.

The idea, signaled only in vaguely worded language from senators crafting a bipartisan immigration bill, has privacy advocates and others concerned that the law would create a national identity card that, in time, could track Americans at airports, hospitals and through other facets of their lives.

According to investigative reporter James Tucker, there are those in the Obama administration that are optimistic that they will be able to get a national ID card through Congress now that Ron Paul has left the House of Representatives…

At a recent reception in Washington, D.C., an AMERICAN FREE PRESS source overheard Thomas E. Donilon, a White House national security advisor and past Bilderberg member, speaking of Paul’s retirement and the good chance that the global card could now be shepherded through Congress. Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), would not object to the plan, added the individual with whom Donilon was talking. He was referring to the fact that Senator Paul has backed off from the strong pro-nationalist positions of his father because he is fantasizing about being elected president in 2016.

So will anyone in Congress step up and fight this on behalf of the American people?

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Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

CIA Monarch Mind Control

Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military  and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim)  and  the expected results are horrifying: The creation of a mind-controlled slave who can be triggered at anytime to perform any action required by the handler.  While mass media ignores this issue, over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program. This article looks at the origins of Monarch programming and some of its methods and symbolism.

NOTE: This article contains disturbing elements and might trigger Monarch survivors.

Monarch programming is a mind-control technique comprising elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It utilizes a combination of psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to create within the slaves an alter persona that can be triggered and programmed by the handlers. Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite in fields such as the military, sex slavery and the entertainment industry. This article will look at the origins of Monarch programming, its techniques and its symbolism.


Throughout the course of history, several accounts have been recorded describing rituals and practices resembling mind control. One of the earliest writings giving reference to the use of occultism to manipulate the mind can be found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It is a compilation of rituals, heavily studied by today’s secret societies, which describes methods of torture and intimidation (to create trauma), the use of potions (drugs) and the casting of spells (hypnotism), ultimately resulting in the total enslavement of the initiate. Other events ascribed to black magic, sorcery and demon possession (where the victim is animated by an outside force) are also ancestors of Monarch programming.

It is, however, during the 20th century that mind control became a science in the modern sense of the term, where thousands of subjects have been systematically observed, documented and experimented on.

One of the first methodical studies on trauma-based mind control were conducted by Josef Mengele, a physician working in Nazi concentration camps. He initially gained notoriety for being one of the SS physicians who supervised the selection of arriving prisoners, determining who was to be killed and who was to become a forced labourer. However, he is mostly known for performing grisly human experiments on camp inmates, including children, for which Mengele was called the “Angel of Death”.

Josef Mengele

Mengele is infamous for his sordid human experiments on concentration camps prisoners, especially on twins. A part of his work that is rarely mentioned  however, is his research on mind control. Much of his research in this field was confiscated by the Allies and is still classified to this day.

“DR. GREEN (Dr. Joseph Mengele): The most significant programmer, perhaps one could give him the title of the father of Monarch Programming was Joseph Mengele, an ex-Nazi Concentration Camp doctor. Thousands of Monarch mindcontrolled slaves in the U.S. had “Dr. Green” as their chief programmer.” 1


“Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the trauma-based Monarch Project and the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control programs. Mengele and approximately 5, 000 other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry work with former Nazi star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in U.S. underground military facilities which gradually became home to thousands upon thousands of  kidnapped American children snatched off the streets (about one million per year) and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling as part of the ‘training’. These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele’s mind control technologies. Certain selected children (at least the ones who survived the ‘training’) would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for thousands of different jobs ranging anywhere from sexual slavery to assassinations. A substantial portion of these children, who were considered expendable, were intentionally slaughtered in front of (and by) the other children in order to traumatize the selected trainee into total compliance and submission”. 2

Mengele’s research served as a basis for the covert, illegal CIA human research program named MK-ULTRA.

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The Meat Industry Now Consumes Four-Fifths of All Antibiotics by Tom Philpott

drugged animals equal drugged humans

Last year, the Food and Drug Administration proposed a set of voluntary “guidelines” designed to nudge the meat industry to curb its antibiotics habit. Ever since, the agency has been mulling whether and how to implement the new program. Meanwhile, the meat industry has been merrily gorging away on antibiotics—and churning out meat rife with antibiotic-resistant pathogens—if the latest data from the FDA itself is any indication.

The Pew Charitable Trusts crunched the agency’s numbers on antibiotic use on livestock farms and compared them to data on human use of antibiotics to treat illness, and mashed it all into an infographic, which I’ve excerpted below. Note that that while human antibiotic use has leveled off at below 8 billion pounds annually, livestock farms have been sucking in more and more of the drugs each year—and consumption reached a record nearly 29.9 billion pounds in 2011. To put it another way, the livestock industry is now consuming nearly four-fifths of the antibiotics used in the US, and its appetite for them is growing.


Antibiotics in Meat

That suggests that meat production might be getting more antibiotic-intensive.

Not surprisingly, when you cram animals together by the thousands and dose them daily with antibiotics, the bacteria that live on and in the animals adapt and develop resistance to those bacteria killers. Pew crunched another new set of data, the FDA’s latest release of results from its National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System, or NARMS, which buys samples of meat products and subjects them to testing for bacterial pathogens. Again, the results are sobering. Here a a few highlights pointed to by Pew in an email:

• Of the Salmonella on ground turkey, about 78% were resistant to at least one antibiotic and half of the bacteria were resistant to three or more. These figures are up compared to 2010.

• Nearly three-quarters of the Salmonella found on retail chicken breast were resistant to at least one antibiotic. About 12% of retail chicken breast and ground turkey samples were contaminated with Salmonella.

• Resistance to tetracycline [an antibiotic] is up among Campylobacter on retail chicken. About 95% of chicken products were contaminated with Campylobacter, and nearly half of those bacteria were resistant to tetracyclines. This reflects an increase over last year and 2002.

Takeaway: While the FDA dithers with voluntary approaches to regulation, the meat industry is feasting on antibiotics and sending out product tainted with antibiotic-resistant bugs.


A Giant Mystery: 18 Strange Skeletons Found in Wisconsin: Sons of God; Men of Renown by Kristan Harris

sons of god

Giants where found in Racine last year. I had a chance to update this blog posting. I have been getting many emails about this topic and find that across Wisconsin there are more stories like this popping up. So you are wondering what is a giant and if it is what you are thinking that I have to be kidding you! Well I am not. They are as real as apple pie and whiskey. For over a year I have been reading books and information on giant dig sites and finds. I would like to share some of the information with you that is right at your finger tips.

First, One must wonder how much can a giant lift if twice the size of a average human today? Could they be responsible for Stone Henge and the Pyramids? Are these the Giants the Bible & many other civilizations have in their history and painted on their walls. The Bible in Genesis 6:4 ” There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old men of renown. ” Now this is faulty logic to any scientist out there because I am using religious/cultural history to fill a hole in science.

Over 200 Giant digs have been found in recent years. Giant skeleton finds have not made the local/national news since the 1950’s for the most part. It seems in most peoples opinion do to the fear that people would question evolution . If anything a de-evolution.

Their heights ranged between 7.6ft  and 10 feet and their skulls “presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day.” They tend to have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and like humans came in different races. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Heads usually found are elongated believed due to longer than normal life span.

My research uncovered a fantastic article by Mark Shernick among other great finds.


Here’s one for your “Forbidden Archaeology” file.

Scientists are remaining stubbornly silent about a lost race of giants found in burial mounds near Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, in May 1912.

The dig site at Lake Delavan was overseen by Beloit College and it included more than 200 effigy mounds that proved to be classic examples of 8th century Woodland Culture. But the enormous size of the skeletons and elongated skulls found in May 1912 did not fit very neatly into anyone’s concept of a textbook standard.

They were enormous. These were not average human beings.

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800 More Children Permanently Harmed by Vaccines by Ethan A Huff

Killer Vaccine

More evidence has emerged showing that the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) vaccine Pandemrix, which was widely administered throughout Europe during the 2009-2010 H1N1 influenza “pandemic,” was responsible for causing serious and permanent side effects in many of the children that received it. At least 800 children, it turns out, many of whom live in Sweden, now have narcolepsy because of the vaccine, and some government officials are demanding answers.

As we reported back in March 2012, a study published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE found that cases of narcolepsy, an incurable sleeping disorder that can cause hallucinations, nightmares, and even paralysis, skyrocketed by about 1,700 percent in children and teenagers under the age of 17 following the widespread administration of Pandemrix. Scientists determined at the time that mass vaccination campaigns for Pandemrix were directly associated with this otherwise inexplicable spike in cases of narcolepsy.

Now, researchers have all but confirmed without a doubt that Pandemrix was, indeed, responsible for triggering the autoimmune disorder in a significantly higher percentage of the population than normal. Even Emmanuel Mignot, one of the world’s leading experts on narcolepsy who is currently being funded by GSK to get to the bottom of the issue, explained to reporters that there is “no doubt in [his] mind whatsoever” that Pandemrix is directly responsible for causing the increase in narcolepsy cases among European children.

“This is a medical tragedy,” added Goran Stiernstedt, a public health official from Stockholm, Sweden, about the wave of vaccine-induced narcolepsy in his country. Roughly five million Swedes were vaccinated for H1N1 during the 2009-2010 “pandemic,” and yet as few as 30 people among these are estimated to have been saved from swine flu death as a result of the shot. Meanwhile, more than 200 cases of narcolepsy have since been reported and confirmed throughout the Scandinavian country. “Hundreds of young people have had their lives almost destroyed.”

Following the initial release of reports linking Pandemrix to narcolepsy, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) quickly blocked the vaccine from being further administered to individuals under the age of 20. But the damage has already been done among those who have been confirmed to be vaccine-damaged as a result of Pandemrix. And unless the vaccine is completely banned among all age groups, further reports of permanent vaccine damage could emerge in the coming months and years.

Back in 2011, a GSK subsidiary pleaded guilty to marketing medicines and vaccines that were known to be contaminated with bacteria. A tip from a company whistleblower triggered a federal investigation that exposed the GSK company for deliberately contaminating products in order to cut costs, and carelessly manufacturing some of its drugs with bacteria-contaminated water.



“Big Farma” Still Trying to Hide Their Dirty Secrets



Five states have introduced seven different “Ag-Gag bills” to silence people who try to expose CAFO practices. State-based Action Alerts!

Remember our exposé on the factory farms, and the legislation designed to keep the public in the dark about them? They’re back! It’s not just that these bills trample the First Amendment. It’s that these bills are designed to keep the filthy, profoundly unsanitary conditions at factory farms—CAFOs, or Confined Animal Feeding Operations—from being exposed to the public. CAFOs are the antithesis of safe and nutritious food. If governments, both federal and state, were truly serious about food safety, they would address the miserable CAFO conditions.

CAFOs are responsible for foodborne illnesses such as salmonella and listeria; are notorious for their use of antibiotics for nontherapeutic uses, and for exacerbating the “superbug” problem in which organisms become increasingly resistant to antibiotics; and ruin rural economies. In addition, there is the inhumane treatment of the animals themselves.

Ag-Gag laws prevent consumers from being informed, and therefore consumers ability to fully choose what they eat.

The current spate of bills are not novel: ten states introduced similar legislation in 2011–12, and bills were passed in Iowa, Missouri, and Utah. The rest were defeated by grassroots activists like you. These bills are introduced by legislators who have strong industry financial backing. Industry has the tenacity—and the deep pockets—necessary to keep trying to push these bills through again and again, year after year, if they don’t pass the first time.

Last year’s bill in Iowa is a good case in point: it’s a study in rampant conflicts of interest. Monsanto pushed Iowa’s anti-trespassing/Ag-Gag bill because the company has more facilities in Iowa than any other state in the country, and because “crop operations” are also covered by the bills—so Monsanto seed houses, pesticide manufacturing plants, and research facilities in Iowa will be “protected” from hidden cameras or whistleblowers infiltrating their plants.

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Hardware Intel’s new TV box to point creepy spy camera at YOUR FACE by Bill Ray

One day we’re gonna watch you like it’s 1984

Intel has confirmed it will be selling a set-top box direct to the public later this year, along with a streaming TV service designed to watch you while you’re watching it.

The device will come from Intel Media, a new group populated with staff nicked from Netflix/Apple/Google and so forth. Subscribers will get live and catch-up TV as well as on-demand content – all delivered direct from Intel over their broadband connections. It’s a move which will put Chipzilla firmly into US living room, and no doubt ignite a host of privacy concerns from those who want to watch without being watched.

The announcement, made during an interview at the AllThingsD conference in California, isn’t a great surprise; rumours of an Intel play have been swirling around for the last year and sure enough Erik Huggers (VP at Intel Media) admitted that the company has been working on the device, and associated service, for the last 12 months. He didn’t say what the service will be called, but did say that the US isn’t ready for entirely à la carte options and that Intel will be selling bundles of content – though we’ll have to wait to see what they comprise.

More controversial is the plan to use a camera on the box to look outward, to identify the faces staring at the goggle box… telescreen-stylie. Intel will use that to present personalised options and targeted advertising, in a process which seems immediately creepy but might make sense to anyone who has tuned in to NetFlix to be told “Because you watched Power Rangers Ninja Storm…” We’re used to being watched while we’re web surfing, and those using Google Docs know the composition process contributes to their profile, but being watched on camera might be a step too far for some.

Huggers points out that the camera will have a physical shutter on the front, which can be closed, and that having the box recognise the viewers is simply easier than maintaining separate accounts, but Intel accepts that there’s a public-relations challenge ahead.

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Australian Politician Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21 & Club of Rome

“Agenda 21 is the agenda for the 21st Century…where everything you cherished and held true no longer exists. It defines itself as a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the U.N. systems. It elevates nature above man. “Sustainable Development” is the philosophy designed to bring human beings across the globe under the full control of a narrow human elite.” (Agenda 21 for Dummies)

Download a copy of Agenda 21

Agenda 21 Map (If you live in a red or yellow zone now, you won’t anymore!)

Ann Bressington (born 1955) is an Australian politician. She was elected to the South Australian Legislative Council at the 2006 South Australian election as Nick Xenophon’s running mate on his independent No Pokies ticket. Her election was a surprise as it was not expected that two people on the ticket would be elected.

Watch as she Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch on February 2, 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Thanks for speaking out Ann Bressington!!


Bill Gates Dodges Questions on Why He Owns 500,000 Shares of Monsanto by Anthony Gacciardi

Bill Gates Owns 500,000 Shares of Monsanto Stock

Bill Gates is primarily known as the multi-billionaire who created Microsoft, the company behind the most popular computer operating system known as Windows. With this massive wealth, he has retired from leading Microsoft and now instead focuses his money and time on furthering genetically modified technology, geoengineering, experimental vaccinations, and preaching about how Monsanto is the answer to world hunger.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Gates owns 500,000 shares worth 23 million US dollars (or more) of Monsanto stock. The very same company that has been caught running slave rings in Argentina in which workers were forced to work 14+ hours a day while withholding payment, has used their massive finances to fund organizations that literally fake FDA quotes to support GMOs, and of course peddling through GMOs that have been linked to numerous health concerns.

This is not even taking into account the farmer suicides that occur around every 30 minutes due to Monsanto’s failing GMO crop yield bankrupting small-time farmers in India’s notorious ‘suicide belt‘.

Bill Gates Funding Corporations Caught in Child Slave Rings

And if that’s not enough, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has even teamed up with Cargill to pump GMO soy into the third world. Cargill, of course, is the the 133 billion dollar corporation that also has been found in direct violation of human rights laws. Cargill was sued by the International Labor Rights Fund for trafficking children from Mali and forcing them to work on cocoa bean plantations for around 12 to 14 hours each day without pay, food, or sleep. The company even continues to purchase cotton from Uzbekistan, where it is well known that child slave labor is used in the cultivation.

Bill Gates himself even filmed commercials for Monsanto’s GMOs, propping them up as the ‘solution’ to world hunger despite even the United Nations admitting that GMOs cannot fight hunger as effectively as traditional farming. Headed by an entity known as the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD), a team of 900 scientists and researchers studied the issue of world hunger. The results of the major study were very simple: 900 scientists agreed that GMO crops were not the answer to the world hunger, and revealed this in 2008 — long before Bill Gates began claiming that GMOs were the answer while ignoring this readily available information.

Even the Union of Concerned Scientists examined the true yield of GMO crops, only to find that the GM crops do not produce increased yields over the long run — despite their excessive cost and extreme danger to health and environment. The lack of scientific support behind the GMO crops was so startling to the Union that they documented all the details in a 2009 report entitled ”Failure to Yield.”

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To Be or Not To Be ……. Human by Lisa Guliani

Child Rape

There have been an increasing number of reports about rape in the news recently.

I don’t know how many out there who have been paying close attention to these reports, but I have. The most recent ones reported via Signs of the Times ( have involved gang rapes and child rapes that occurred and continue to occur in places like India, Pakistan and of course, here in the United States.

Articles like these:

Murder charges are filed against 5 men in New Delhi gang rape

India gang-rape victim dies in Singapore hospital

Date-rape in Ohio: Tale of rampant corruption, cronyism and cover-up

2 year-old girl, 4 other minors raped in India

Ponerized society: UK’s Guardian publishes favourable article on pedophilia – ‘Bringing dark desires to light’

There are many more reports, of course. This is just a small smattering of recent articles published on In a quick search of the archives, I found these alarming numbers:

Articles on rape: 774
Articles on gang rape: 471
Articles on child rape: 2101
Articles on pedophilia and pedophile: 153
Articles on pedophile rings: 267
Articles on psychopaths and rape: 601
Articles on rape in the U.S.: 310
Articles on world rape statistics: 8,777

And that’s just a cursory search of the archives. I suspect I’d find more reports if I continued to plug in keywords.

Rape appears to be ‘trending’ all over the world and it seems like this crime gets its 15 minutes of public attention and then the collective attention is drawn elsewhere.

I am particularly distressed to see reports in which so-called ‘experts’ try to paint pedophilia as something ‘normal’.

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Welfare, food stamp recipients could soon be required to get microchipped with RFID tags by Ethan A Huff


 For at least the past 15 years, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been actively trying to develop new ways to decrease fraud in the federal food stamp program, which currently covers nearly 50 million Americans and adds more than 10,000 new enrollees to its ranks every single day, according to reports. But one disconcerting method the agency appears to be considering involves the potential use of radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to track and identify food stamp recipients at the national level.

Two separate reports quietly issued by the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service program back in 1999 reveal that the agency’s ultimate goal is to develop new tracking protocols that will supposedly improve the integrity of the food stamp program, also known as the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP). In both of these reports, the USDA explains how novel biometric identification technologies can help better verify the identities of food stamp recipients, and thus decrease fraud and “double-dipping.”

“Biometric identification technology provides automated methods to identify a person based on physical characteristics — such as fingerprints, hand shape, and characteristics of the eyes and face — as well as behavioral characteristics — including signatures and voice patterns,” reads the executive summary of one of the reports, entitled Introduction to Biometric Identification Technology: Capabilities and Applications to the Food Stamp Program.

Select states including California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey already employ biometric technologies like fingerprint identification, facial recognition, and even retina scans on the local and regional level, apart from a federal government mandate. But as pointed out by Brandon Turbeville over at Activist Post, this emerging roll-out of new biometric ID programs across the nation has been intentionally gradual so as not to raise too much negative attention about this encroaching violation of individual liberty and personal privacy.

Government pushing RFID as solution to fraud, waste

How does this all tie in with potential RFID chips? Part of this biometric paradigm that the USDA has embraced includes the use of RFID chips, which are already being embedded into credit cards and various other payment devices. Such technology is claimed to help reduce credit card fraud, which means it may be the logical next step for EBT, WIC, and other social welfare problems that are said to be heavily abused by criminals. This type of system is already in place throughout India, after all, where biometric ID cards were recently issued to all of the country’s 1.2 billion residents — and America appears to be next.

“Like the Indian UID program, the roll-out of the American system will require fingerprinting of individuals receiving food stamps under the guise of reducing fraud,” writes Turbeville. “[L]ike the early status of the Japanese version of the UID, the Juki-Net, the emerging American system is currently being implemented on a state-wide or local basis (county or city), with no administration by the [federal government].”