American Satanism, PART 1 by Seymour Light


Oprah Winfrey Show

A case of Jewish child ritual murder was described on the Oprah Winfrey show, in 1989.  For years the video was banned by the ADL, but it has now resurfaced. (‘Jews Protest Sacrifice Tale on Oprah Show’ as reported in the Chicago Tribune, 5/7/89) A courageous lady called Vicky Polin was interviewed on May Day:

“The guest also said of such practices: ‘there’s other Jewish families across the country. It’s not just my family.’ Winfrey said, ‘This is the first time I have heard of any Jewish people sacrificing babies, but anyway — so you witnessed the sacrifice?’  “The woman responded: ‘Right. When I was very young, I was forced to participate;o in that, and I had to sacrifice an infant.’ The guest was repeatedly identified by Winfrey as being Jewish. At one point, the woman asserted that {Jewish} ritual sacrifices occurred in other Jewish families around the country and that they were known to the Police.”

“Her family, and many other Jewish families throughout the USA, routinely practiced Satanic rituals in which incest, human sacrifice and cannibalism occur. The interview on May 1, 1989 also revealed that these practices were a common occurrence since the 18th century and that they were practiced by certain Jewish cults. The Jewish woman that made these revelations was “incognito” during the interview and was identified only as “Rachel.” Today she has been identified as Vicki Polin and she now runs a center to rehabilitate Jewish children who have been sexually victimized by Jewish Satanists.”

OPRAH: …You come from generations of ritualistic abuse?

POLIN: Yes, my family has an extensive family tree, and they keep track of who’s been involved and who hasn’t been involved, and it’s gone back to like 1700.

OPRAH: And so you were ritually abused.

POLIN: Right. I was born into a family that believes in this.

OPRAH: Does everyone else think it’s a nice Jewish family? From the outside, you appear to be a nice Jewish girl?

POLIN: Definitely.

OPRAH: And you all are worshipping the devil inside the home?

POLIN: Right. There’s other Jewish families across the country. It’s not just my own family.

OPRAH: Really? And so who knows about it? Lots of people now.

POLIN: Well, I talked to a police detective in the Chicago area, and several of my friends know, and I’ve spoke publicly before, and…

OPRAH: So when you were brought up in this kind of evilness, did you just think it was normal?

RACHEL: I blocked out a lot of the memories I had because of my multiple personality disorder, but, yes. I mean, it’s like if you grow up with something, you think it’s normal. I always thought something…

OPRAH: So what kinds of things? You don’t have to give us the gory details, but what kinds of things went on in the family?

POLIN: Well, there would be rituals in which babies would be sacrificed, and you would have to, you know…

Its now up on Youtube. This interview alluded to ‘breeders’ who have the babies somewhat covertly, to provide the sacrifice: no birth certificate and no post-mortem.  And what is the aim of sacrifice?  Answer (note well) ‘The Power.’ Just that – the Power. It is a power – do not ever doubt that. She alluded to a book of Jewish mysticism – I could not catch its title – but someone should ascertain what it is.

Atom Science Satanist

Moving onto a more recent account, the famous US scientist Edward Teller blessed mankind by inventing the hydrogen bomb.  In 2009 Pamela Schuffert blew thewhistle on the Henry Makow website, about a certain practice of his:

Throughout many years of investigating satanism in America today, I was shocked and saddened to uncover the rampant Sabbatean satanism/Illuminism/ throughout the many Jewish communities in America, as I participated in social assistance to Russian Jews (NYC) and performed home care/ child care in their Jewish communities in NYC, Charlotte (NC) and Washington DC and Chicago.

Previous reports I have published across America include articles exposing people like Jewish abortionist Dr Phillip Kittner, satanic high priest in the satanist mecca of Asheville NC, who aborted by day and offered human sacrifice of the innocents by night. Abortionist Hern of Boulder, CO, is also a Sabbatean satanist in that region. He is very open about it. His nurses of his clinic, in the past, actually wore patches on their uniforms with satanic pentagrams displayed to them, as reported to me by Christian pro-lifers frequenting his clinic to protest.

My previous reports exposing Satanism in America today, also exposed Leonard Millman, former CIA drug money launderer in the Silverado Scandal in Denver, CO. I personally interviewed one man who had married into the Millman family, only to come out after discovering Leonard Millman and family was a powerful member of the Jewish Sabbatean Satanist cabal found throughout the US and world-wide.

One of the more detailed and horrifying accounts I encountered, but have never previously published and am doing so for the first time now, is the secret Sabbatean Satanist lifestyle of ‘Dr Strangelove’,” Hungarian Jew and considered the “father of the H-Bomb,” Edward Teller. Teller is now deceased, but many of his victims remain alive, that he used and abused in dark Bohemian Grove satanic rituals, and among fellow Sabbateans across America, and in Hollywood as well.

She interviewed the widow of Teller – victim Jim Shaw, a man who miraculously survived the death-attempts which must follow revealing such secrets (in accord with the Talmud’s instructions). She was called ‘Paula’:

Paula shared how, from the time Shaw was turned over as a child to Ed Teller, he was used for pedophilic purposes, and especially in Jewish Sabbatean Satanist Rituals, forced to sacrifice babies under Teller’s orders and control, and used sexually in such rituals as well. She also shared his account of how Jim was introduced to Teller’s many Jewish friends in Hollywood, and passed around to big names and Hollywood producers acquainted with Teller, to be sexually abused, often beaten up for sport as well.

During this time, Ed Teller was a big financial supporter of a display making the rounds across America, perpetuating the Holocaust Memorial. He even traveled with it at one point, Paula revealed.

That is quite important, as ‘The Holocaust’ is employed as the permanent shield of Talmudic jews against all accusations of iniquity. For comparison, in the fifth chapter of the Fourth Gospel Jesus Christ addresses the ‘Father of Lies’ as some kind of power or being (and the listening crowd are baffled). But, let’s continue: the killers kept pursuing Paula and Jim:

 She [Paula] shared how their Sabbatean van pulled up next to their car one day, and several recognized Jewish Sabbateans assaulted her and attempted to abduct her, producing a syringe filled with the knock-out drugs used by such satanist abductors frequently, and dragged her away from her car. Only the quick actions of her husband managed to help get her away and out of their hands. Their van drove away in quick retreat, without their intended victim. The attacks became frequent, she said.  Jim and Paula evaded them each time, including their poisoning and death attempts on both their lives eventually (because they BOTH knew too much and became a threat to these Sabbateans and Ed Teller’s cover.)

She also alluded to how Satanism worked through the ‘Jewish mafia so prevalent in America today.’ Deep loyalty-bonding is achieved within such crime gangs, through sharing the unmentionable act together – no-one of them can ever back out from that, or try to tell. (1)  

That is the true story, of Edward Teller’s horrific Sabbatean Satanist involvement, the countless dead infants and victims filling his years of involvement, and the true life account of one man who escaped this satanist pedophile ring and the control of Sabbatean Edward Teller, Jim Shaw.”

(And, well done to Henry Makow for getting this story out in the open)

It is a death-cult, though orthodox Jews may claim to ‘not know’ about this topic. To quote from the Babylonian Talmud, ‘Even the best of the Goyim deserves to die.’ Anyone meditating upon this topic might want to peruse again the fifth chapter of the Fourth Gospel, about how after Jesus had performed a healing on the Sabbath day, “And therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus, and sought to slay Him, because He had done these things on the Sabbath day.

So what is Sabbatean Satanism? One is here reminded of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s remark that: ‘The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists” (1956). It is very much based upon the Talmud, a Satanic text– no, the Satanic text.  Henry Makow described the Sabbatean sect in his essay ‘the Satanic Cult that Rules the World.’ More recently, see Lasha Darkmoon’s spine-chilling ‘America Vanquished.

Missing Babies

In America, the number of children that go missing every year is measured in the hundreds of thousands:

“An astounding 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day, including both adults and children… the federal government counted 840,279 missing persons cases in 2001. All but about 50,000 were juveniles”

The FBI reports the number of automobiles stolen in the United States each year, but they do not keep a record of the number of persons who disappear. Why should that be? On some accounts a million persons go missing in the US every year.

Police departments especially in Chicago and New York should plot the dates of all disappearance cases by lunar month, separating adults and children, boys and girls. The male child disappearance rate will peak at the first Full Moon after the spring Equinox (Passover). Police need forensic chemistry labs that can analyse local sausage meat and hamburgers for human protein and DNA around such times. That is said to be where the bodies of the little babies go – the Vampire Elite give the goyim back their own children to eat!

They only want the blood.

Chicago, October 1955: The Mayor of Chicago had admitted that three hundred children disappeared each month from the city, but he claimed that were ‘runaways’ even though they never turned up again. Then, while a ‘rash of ritual murder cases was at a height,’ two babies’ bodies drained of blood were found – with the usual ritual incisions. They had not been sexually molested, yet the authorities tried to call them ‘sex crimes’ and cover up the missing blood. Then the father of the two dead boys started asking about the Jewish sacrifice concept, and was soon arrested and then found dead – from electric shock treatment in a sanatorium! Jewish control of the media resulted in the horror being largely hushed up. Any nation having to cope with this phenomenon should make the comparison with the British Edict of Expulsion of Jews in 1290, which was primarily due to Satanic ritual child-murder cases, and where the details are more or less identical to that found in 20th-century Chicago.

It would help if some group in Chicago could log all cases of child ritual murder (where the body is drained of blood, has ritual incision marks and no sexual molestation has taken place) in the local archives – and plot their times by lunar phase. If it’s Jewish it will be lunar in its timing. One may here wish to view the ever-popular ‘Chicago’ musical, a deeply Jewish show about killers who have the ‘chutzpah’ to get away with it.

For comparison, here is an excerpt from the controversial   Rabbi Abe Finkelstein Interview (2006)

 “ …. we have a lot of fun around Passover when we steal their children. … And ah, you know we are, I know you know, cause I’ve got it on your show before, I mean we steal a hundred to three hundred thousand children a year just in this country. And we drain the blood and we mix it with a Passover bread.

Q: Well, that’s very interesting. I understand that. But I also know the bloodletting. I know that on your Passover, which isn’t mine, that a lot of little children do disappear, and I do know that, and I know a lot of police departments and agencies have been informed. But, you’re very open, you’re very open tonight. I am very surprised that you are talking about the bloodletting of the little children that you put their blood in the Matza [Matzo bread] balls and that you eat it on sacrifice on Passover.

A: Well, there is a goyim that wrote a book about it back in the 30?s. I forget his name at the moment. But, anyway, he wrote the book, ah, people didn’t buy the book. People don’t want to listen. We’ve been doing this for thousands and thousands of years, since down to Adam’s time.

So, we take the children of our enemy, which is a white race and we bring them to the basements in the synagogues, where we drain the blood and watch them die there. It’s very similar to how we do the sacrifices that we do with a kosher butchering, and so we do that. And then we mix it with a Passover bread, and so we eat the blood of our enemies. (3)

(NB This interview is further discussed below)

The Charge

Every word of the following, the gravest accusation that could be made against a race of people, seems to be, alas, true. It was written by a US Christian Pastor Mark Downey (5)

The suspicion under which jews are held is murder. It is not ordinary murder, but rather systematic murder that has a special name, called Ritual Murder. The accusation is immediately raised, regardless of time or location, where a corpse bears the conspicuous signs of jewish ritual murder. The accusation, from a gamut of nations, has always been leveled against jews and no others, because of the trademark of the crime practiced against its victims. There are approximately 131 documented ritual murders committed by jews. How many thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands have remained undiscovered is anybody’s guess…the sordid history of the jewish people is a continuum of mass-murders and a lust for blood.

What exactly is the ritual and why is it part of the jewish religion? Joseph Kastein, an official historian of jewry, has stated that jews believe “Blood is the seat of the soul.” In contradistinction to the Christian view that the heart or one’s spirit determines our soul or personality, jews believe that by drinking the blood of a Christian victim, who was perfect in every way, they (jews) could overcome their physical shortcomings and become as powerful as the intelligent civilized beings among whom they had formed their parasitic communities. The strange parallels can be traced back to the social pathologies of ancient Babylonian Baal worship and permutations found in the pagan practice of cannibalism. Secret occult societies have followed the lead of satanic instructions found in the jewish Kaballah.

The jews are charged with enticing White Christian children, and at times adults, into the synagogue or into a more secret place for sacrificial slaughter. The victim is tied down, stripped and pierced with sharp ritual knives in the identical places where the body of Christ was inflicted. As the blood is drained into cups, the jewish leaders drink the blood, calling down curses upon Christ and on all non-jewish people. Only by performing this rite, do they believe they can continue to survive and prosper within the host nation. The jews are charged with mixing this blood into their unleavened bread and using it to practice superstitious magic. The jews are charged with torturing their victims, bleeding them white, crowning them with thorns, beating and stabbing them in a complete re-enactment of the crucifixion. All jews, unless they are mentally retarded, are aware of the blood ritual and its importance to jewish culture.

Most uprisings against jews during the past 2000 years have developed from the discovery of this syndicated and institutionalized crime. There is a trickle-down application for those jews who do not participate in the actual crime scenario. The ritual blood is used in other ways by drying it for use in weddings, funerals, circumcisions, pregnancies and older jews believing they can become younger by ingesting it. The remainder of the blood is preserved with the greatest of care by the local rabbis and sold in small bottles as certified Christian blood.

I also like his depiction of the Holy Babylonian Talmud, sacred book of the Jews: “If a gang of career criminals codified their criminal practices and fine-tuned their code book over time for better crimes, could they then proclaim it a religion? That’s exactly what the Talmud is to judaism.” Yep.

We should hold in our hearts the Ethiopian Jewish community, which does not use the Talmud. These are good or righteous Jews, who study the Word of God in the Torah, not its satanically-transformed counterpart the Talmud.  Naturally such Ethiopians are denied full citizenship in Israel, a nation founded upon that arch-Satanic text, the Talmud. Are Ethiopian jews the only jewish tribe that has never been expelled from its host nation? Of the 109 Jewish expulsion-dates, from practically everywhere else, Ethiopea is not included!

‘Our God is Lucifer’

Two different US rabbis have apparently made this statement ‘Our God is Lucifer’, both interviews being online, and I suggest all Americans should read one or the other. We’ve just quoted above from one given in 2006. His name ‘Rabbi Abe Finkelstein’ may not be genuine, but it sounds very much like a real statement (4):

“Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.”

The other more or less identical statement was made many years earlier, by Harold Wallace Rosenthal, a top Administrative Aide to one of this nation’s ranking senators, Jacob Javits R-NY, in a tape recorded interview by Walter White, Jr., which was conducted in 1976. It was published in the booklet well-entitled: ‘Hidden Tyranny, the Issue that dwarfs all others Rosenthal mysteriously died later that year, so that was his final statement. It is powerful and authentic – as well as being hauntingly similar to the 1905 ‘Protocols of Zion,’ it endorses that fiendish master-plan. It is believed to have been read by millions of people. That earlier statement by Rosenthal did not allude to human ritual sacrifice, whereas we’ve just quoted the ‘Abe Finkelstein’ statement on the topic.

President Obama’s mentor published a book dedicated to Lucifer. The political guru of America’s president, the jew Saul Alinsky, dedicated his book to the Arch-fiend! Rules for Radicals a Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals was said to have been a guide for Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Alinsky gave a Playboy interview in which he said how much he’d like to go to Hell after death! He died a few months after it ‘and no doubt got his wish,’ commented the reporter. The book contains cynical quips on how to reach the common people, eg ‘A revolutionary organizer must shake up the prevailing patterns of their lives – agitate, create disenchantment and discontent.’ For anyone puzzled about the sheer vacuity of Obama’s election campaign, this may be an eye-opener.

Power of Illusion

America is the most heavily Satanically-infested nation on Earth. (6)(7) The US media deny that the problem exists – clearly, because the Satanic Ashkenazi Khazars (SAKs) have come to control it. The Christian church in America –as it appears on TV – dementedly endorses the state of Israel, the Nation of Eternal War. Billions of dollars a year are said to be raised by US Evangelical Christians for Israeli well-being, based on the nonexistent Bible prophecy that Jews have to return to Israel prior to Jesus Christ’s Return.

We’d better quote Israel Shamir at this point, a Jew converted to the Christian religion who lives in Palestine:

It was not in vain that an Israeli soldier on the roadblock of Bethlehem told me yesterday, “We starve the beasts,” referring to the native Christians of the city of the Nativity. It is not in vain that the Gospel is burned in Israel, that anti-Gospel literature is widely spread; that new immigrant Jews embracing Christianity are persecuted and deported; that every preacher of the Christian faith in Israel can be sent to jail according to new anti-Christian laws; that Israeli archaeologists raze the Christian holy sites and memories off the face of the Holy Land (Flowers of Galilee, 2004). 

This is a country that imprisons people who try to teach Christianity, whose armies have shot and ruined the Virgin Mary statue in Bethlehem, a country which tortures the local residents in Palestine, which rips up ancient olive groves to make ghastly shopping malls… and it gets massive, unconditional support from US ‘Christians’!

Millenia ago the Hebrews might have been God’s chosen people. But that covenant did not actually continue past a certain event that happened in Palestine. Moreover, as professor Sands (‘Invention of the Jewish People‘) has demonstrated in an erudite manner, the descendants of the Hebrews are probably among today’s Palestinians and not amongst immigrants into Israel – nearly all Ashkenazis who seem to have come ultimately from the Khazar area of southern Russia. Those SAKs have a skill in creating illusion.

There is a glamour of illusion that the SAKs can cast, effectively preventing Americans from seeing what is going on. For example, nothing would be more important than for Americans to try and comprehend the perpetrators of 9/11: which seems to have come from the high-level fusion between right-wing US Neo-cons and Israeli-Zionist agents. That union is rather central as regards the Power, one might say Satanic power, trying to take over control of Planet Earth! When Dr Alan Sabrosky, very senior in the US military intelligence community, finally discovered from talking with all sorts of US intelligence officers, that they nearly all believed Israel had had a totally central role in perpetrating 9/11, he then revealed this, in various interviews. He clearly expected that something would happen – would not the American people rise up? His startling interviews have titles like, ‘Mossad Behind 911’ and ‘The truth of 911 will annihilate Israel.’ But in fact nothing happened. There would be nothing more crucial for Americans than to comprehend this matter! Quoting Lasha Darkmoon:

 This [Israel] is the rogue state that is arguably responsible for the greatest mass murder in history: the catastrophe of 9-11. If scientific evidence and forensic logic are anything to go on, Israel has to be suspect number one here, given its unbroken record of terrorism and its endless breaches of international law. Any country that can orchestrate such a spectacular crime and get away with it—while somehow managing to pin the blame on nineteen Arabs with box cutters—is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

This is the second major time that Israel-Mossad has attacked America, the first being the attack upon the USS Liberty in 1967 – but Americans continue sending billions to Israel – as well as, in all probability, bottles of young white goyim blood, for certain … festivals. (8) They’re a bit short of goyim kids over there. What is the power of enchantment, how is the spell cast?


The Vampire Elite are turning America into a hierarchical, robotic, police-state cryptocracy: Quoting Lasha Darkmoon again: ‘America, once a democracy, is now a crypto-fascist country ruled by a corporate and cosmopolitan elite.’ That is the form of government which optimizes grief and torment, these being the soul emanations which nourish the demonic entities.

Quoting Darkmoon, about America’s future:

The world that awaits us, if our New Masters prevail, will be a grim dystopia.    It will be a spiritual wasteland in which an unprincipled elite rides roughshod over the teeming masses. It will be a cruel world of exploitation, moral darkness, and unspeakable brutality…. As in Weimar Germany, the Jews make most of the money and help to create a culture of neo-paganism and nihilism, decadence and despair… If the goyim have lost the game of life and their hard-won freedoms to the Jews, it was because they didn’t know they were playing a game in the first place.

The Jews, fulfilling the wildest dreams conjured up in the Protocols, stand surveying the killing fields of the world they have conquered. Iraq and Afghanistan lie in ruins, thanks to their machinations. Iran lies in the cross-hairs, awaiting its expected doom. And meanwhile in America, as the body bags are flown in from foreign parts and the lurid circus of bread and games grinds on relentlessly, there is nothing much to live for except sex and death.

Showing who’s boss, there is a 40 foot high Hannekah memorial (i.e. the seven-branched candlestick) outside the White House – meanwhile US cities get threatened with lawsuits by the ACLU unless they remove the traditional symbols of Christmas – crosses and Christmas trees – from public places. Christianity is being suppressed in America, in the name of ‘Separation of Church and State’ and ‘Multiculturalism.’ I suggest that Christian institutions in America today, if they have any degree of spiritual backbone, need to obtain their own copies of Michael Hoffman’s magnum opus Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit’ (2012) – which was probably the inspiration for the present work. A thousand pages long, it is the definitive statement. It is imperative that spiritual leaders and pastors of America are capable of standing up and explaining that Talmudic Judaism is not a faith: it is not a faith because the Talmud does not have a god. It is, as Hoffman says, a religion of self-worship.

What are Holocaust Memorial Museums doing dotted around America? The new religion of the Holohoax is pushing out the tired, old religions of yesteryear. And whereas the old religions had some vision of glory and redemption at their core, the Holohoax has only its Vision of Ghastly Horror which all are supposed to contemplate. Auschwitz replaces Cavalry, as the bedrock of modern Nihilism and despair. Scientifically speaking those big gas chambers never existed, no-one was gassed by cyanide. Can America please come to its senses on this matter? William Blake wrote ‘Man must and will have some religion, if he has not the religion of God he wil have the religion of Satan.’

In America, the term ’The Holocaust’ should allude to one and only one very solemn thing: the extermination of twenty-five million Native Americans by the White Man. Trying to compare the one million or so Jews that died in WW2 (or, maybe just over one million) is unacceptably racist, quite apart from being nothing to do with America. No document can ever be produced, indicating a European intent to collectively exterminate Jews – not in WW2 or any other time – whereas such an intent clearly did exist against Native Americans. Holocaust reparations should go one and only way, and that way is not to Israel: namely, to the shattered and disinherited Native American tribes. They could in return teach America a way of peace, and wholeness, such that America could adhere to its own glorious Constitution, stop bombing other nations  and become immune to the satanic infestation now preying upon it and sucking its life-blood.

The central Power seems invulnerable, but it can be challenged not by arms but by people prepared to tell the truth. (9) The glorious ray of hope for America right now is the Ron Paul candidacy, but he is being marginalized by massive electronic vote fraud. As a Just Man, he is campaigning to abolish the Fed – and that would mean, taking away from the Vampire Elite their magic power of creating money out of nothing!



1. ‘In America, Jews invented organized crime, then turned it into big business with a network of crime-syndicates: gambling, prostitution, smuggling, extortion and protection money… They were the first drug dealers in America’ (Tough Jews by Rich Cohen) 50% of New York’s prison population was Jewish at the turn of the 19th century.

2.  That is in Shamir’s book The Kaballah of Power, recommended for anyone sympathetic to this essay.

3. See my earlier text ‘European Satanism’ for more discussion of and background to this issue.

4.  He is said to be Zionist Rabbi Abe Finkelstein, an affiliate of the Chabad Lubavich and religious advisor to the Plymouth Rock Institute of Research but this may not be his real identity. The picture of the Rabbi is that of Aaron Cohen.

5.   But Dowdney is a white racist, not a view here endorsed.

6.   For total disinformation, see ‘Real History of Satanism’ by Lyndon Larouche. None of the groups there labeled have anything to do with the subject. Goth ‘metal’ bands may want to look ‘satanic’ and scary but that is not what we are here discussing: they are not Enemies of Mankind.

7. We haven’t featured Crowleyite or non-Talmud Satanism in this article. One example: while George Bush was governor of Texas, he became renowned for the way he would never pardon death-sentences as he had the power to do. He seemed to revel in not pardoning victims after they pleaded with him for their life. However, when it came to the case of Henry Lee Lucas, arguably the most prolific and certainly one of the most sadistic serial killers in the annals of crime, who was scheduled for execution by the state of Texas (June 1998), things were different. Henry Lucas was a confirmed, practicing Satanist, whose crimes were of a particularly brutal nature. He received a total pardon!

8. According to Eustace Mullins, in his New History of the Jews (1968), Jews are able to  ship large quantities of the children’s blood to Israel for use in their ceremonies there. “One of the problems of the Jewish homeland in Israel has been a shortage of Christian children who could be used…” – I’ve no proof, but would guess that Mullins knew what he was talking about.

9. For how the SAKs dragged America into the Iraq war, see Michael Collins Piper, The High Priests of War 2004.