How Bankers Get Rich From War Profiteering by Thetaoofd

war is money

“It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford.

  • After the Civil War, J.P Morgan became the dominant financial power in America due to his war profiteering. The Rockefellers, Carnegies, Mellons and many more all make fortunes during and after the Civil War.
  • At the start of World War II, I.G. Farben(the dominant corporation in Europe) holds more shares of Standard Oil than any other entity except the Rockefeller family.
  • I.G Farben becomes a major sponsor and chief corporate cheerleader for Adolf Hitler’s conquests.
  • Many Wall Street companies continue to do business with Germany throughout the war, most notably Standard Oil. The Luftwaffe, in fact, is dependent on fuel from Standard Oil.
  • After the war, American forces are headquartered at I.G. Farben’s main office while hundreds of Nazi war criminals, scientists and intelligence operatives are aided in disappearing into North and South America.
  • In 1952, The Reece Committee on Tax-Exempt Foundations is created by Congress to investigate support by major major corporate foundations for communism. Banker Norman Dodd is appointed chief investigator and eventually concludes that the Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie foundations are deliberately weakening individual freedoms in order to allow central government to assume greater power.
  • In June 1963, President John F. Kennedy instructs his Treasury Secretary to issue $4 billion in debt-free silver certificates. JFK plans to end the oil industry’s depletion allowance and “break the CIA into a thousand pieces.” David Rockefeller writes an op-ed in the New York Times blasting JFK’s policies. Kennedy will be dead a few months later.
  • In 1980, Charlotte Iserbyt, senior policy advisor in the Office of Education Research becomes so upset with the corruption of the education system that she publishes The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Iderbyt leaks her father’s Skull and Bones membership directory to economist Anthony Sutton, who has been exposing Wall Street’s connections to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
  • In 1990, Pete Brewton of the Houston Post uncovers evidence linking the CIA and Mafia to the looting of dozens of savings-and-loans over the previous decade. The bailout of the failed savings-and-loan industry eventually coasts US taxpayers more than the Vietnam War.
  • In 1991, after the British media reports that BCCI, is providing arms to Iran and funding terrorists, the bank is forced to close and liquidate. BCCI pays $10 million in fines and forfeits $550 million in American assets. It goes down as the largest forfeiture in history.
  • On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld goes on national television to admit that the Pentagon cannot account for $2.3 trillion…a story that evaporates the following day as essential financial records at the Pentagon are destroyed on 9/11.
  • Between 2003 and 2004, $9 billion goes missing from the Federal Reserve transfers to Iraq.
  • In 2009, Wachovia confesses to laundering $378 billion in drug profits over several years. But it pays only $160 million in fines, which represents less than 2 percent of its annual profits.

– excerpts from “From Banking Laid Bare” by Steven Hager.