“The Everything Pages” & “The Everything ELSE Pages”; 2 Jaw-dropping books by David Allender (home)

The Ship Called America is Sinking.



The Everything Pages * The Everything ELSE Pages by David Allender


The Everything Pages” &

“The Everything ELSE Pages”

by:  David Allender

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The Everything Pages

The Everything ELSE Pages



“The Everything Pages” & “The Everything ELSE Pages”

Reader Comments

~ An eclectic read as the title suggests. A little bit of everything and it’s all true according to my research over all the years. Rick B.

~ Love the down to earth and to the point writing style. It’s not something most are used to, now I know why! EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ AND SHARE THIS BOOK! ~ Max T.

~ I’m ready for anything now. It really is all about good vs. evil. Good job!!! ~ Dave R.

~ All anyone really needs to read is the “what ifs” near the end! Very “Lennon-ish”. Cindy M.

~ Uhmmm, well, WOW! How have I lived 43 years on earth without knowing all this was going on? Thank you John Q whoever you are. ~ Abby B.

~ So much for conspiracy theories! Nice job, great work! ~ Michael W.

~ I consider myself to be pretty well learned on much of the subject matter in the book but for whatever reason, never put it all together like that. (BTW; I agree that was a good call for naming dregs, I think that was allot of my and everyones’ problem) Daniel W.

~ Good job on the research, loved all the number stuff. Life is changing! ~ Bev R.

~ Great book, but it shouldn’t be free. ~ Donald V.

~ Awesome Book! Thanks for sharing this information. I have forwarded it to just about everyone I know and would bet money you’ll get some good responses from this crowd. ~ Patricia W.

~ One of a kind. I have read many “truther” books but this one compiles the data for you in such a way that it is completely undeniable. ~ Radcliffe U.

~ This is a serious wakeup call for everyone. ~ Frank R.

~ A condensed encyclopedia on life as I didn’t know it. What a piece of work these books are! I sincerely thank you for providing them. ~ Cindy L.

~ Wow. Just think what would happen if everyone READ THESE FREE BOOKS!!! Anna G.

~ Love the books and the Unified Numbering Network! As you’re already aware, I’m ALL IN! Thanks again John Q.! (And David & Peggy!) You guys have done a really, really good job. It’s actually unbelievable. Mark N.

~ I’ve had a Hard Life and this was a Hard Read full of Hard Truths that cannot be left unshared. This took serious balls to write and release. Nothing like it anywhere that I’ve ever seen. Thank you John Q! Really, THANK YOU. Aaron Y.

~ A lot of people are scared of the truth but at the same time are starving for it. I was one of them and had my boss not forced me to take a day off to read The Everything Pages I wouldn’t have. Well, I gave her my days’ worth of work yesterday and bought her a $50 gift certificate in thanks. I get it now. If we don’t wake each other up and unite, we’re as good as doomed. Nothing else matters.

~ This is life or death and if someone won’t take the time to simply read and share these books, they will be to blame. God will not look kindly upon them. BTW; You are absolutely correct, EVERY SINGLE FORUM I’VE FOUND IS A CIA SHILL OP JUST LIKE FBOOK, YOUTUBED AND ALL THE REST!!! They do not like these books at all which is why I’m sharing them and hanging the posters everywhere. GREAT WORK JOHN Q. AND PEGGY TOO!!! ~ Jenna B.

~ Chapter 1 is hands down the best source of info on money. Very well done. Robb J.